Saturday Night Sexy: Laura Elisa

blame it on Illy February 22, 2014

Twitter: @LauraElisa | IG: lauraelisa

End your Saturday off with the Brazilian/Italian model.

laura-elisa_01 laura-elisa_02 laura-elisa_03 laura-elisa_04 laura-elisa_05 laura-elisa_06 laura-elisa_07 laura-elisa_08 laura-elisa_09 laura-elisa_10 laura-elisa_11 laura-elisa_12 laura-elisa_13 laura-elisa_14

Photos courtesy of Van Styles for The Hundreds.

  • Frank Kennedy

    I GUESS id let her slob on the knob.

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    She’s bad but I’m not a fan of her stupid tats.

  • kingdarius

    slim with a nice lil sorta bubble….id smash

  • Grimzz


  • Sirilly


  • malcyvelli

    I dig her body

  • she hot now. but you can tell she wont hold up well. i’d smash but nut far far away from her insides

  • The tattoos kinda ruin it for me she looks like she should have clean skin

  • she has a nice body and very nice face but I know she cheating arching her back like that she really got a little butt

  • Chris Brown
    • SirLanka

      made me 30%

  • who cares

    Fuuuck. Great body and an incredibly cute face. Don’t know why she’s getting all this hate for her tattoos. They look good on her. Then again I like it when a woman has some ink.

  • Johnson

    Hmm.. not bad, not bad at all

  • dage

    ok, some ink on girls can be hot, but honestly, she got some shitty quality art on her.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Her face is average, not really feeling her that much. I would rather see a full Brazilian on the site, She has a generic looking face, she looks like every other mixed chick the dope been putting on here with an okay body, but a hit face.