Big Boi – Objectum Shalamar f. Phantogram

What happens when you blend Sir Lucious Left Foot with the disco stylings Shalamar? This cold funky number. Interesting note: the Bacon Number of Micki Free (of Shalamar) is 3:

* Micki Free was parodied in the infamous Prince sketch on Chappelle's Show
* Dave Chappelle co-starred with Denise Richards in Undercover Brother
* Denise Richards co-starred with Kevin Bacon in Wild Things (which had one of the greatest sex scenes of all time)

The more you know. Check out the visualization above, then grab the song below.

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  • Enjoyer of Music

    This is pretty dope

  • hoopz574

    I like this a lot better than Objectum Sexuality

  • Justin Blantey


  • Justin Blantey

    I still think there is a bigger reason why Big Boi is releasing all these remixes. I think it's leading up to something, and not just the reunion :)


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