So, KiD CuDi Released ‘Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon’ Tonight

blame it on Meka February 24, 2014
satellite flight cover

And, to randomly end most of your evenings, KiD CuDi decided to drop his anticipated fourth album tonight. Check out the project’s tracklisting below, then head over to iTunes to cop a copy.

  • branduhn

    I’m a huge Cudi fan, bought every release (including WZRD)…. And for this album I’m going to listen to the leak before I spend money on it, especially if there’s a physical copy coming with more tracks. WZRD was horrible, and Indicud was a step up but that’s not saying much. He’s still got it, but he’s not as consistent as he used to be.

    • Blake Campbell

      WZRD was great. Speak for yourself. I love every project Cudi has put out so far. He likes to try new things and I trust what he does, because it always turns out dope.

  • Kyle

    After a quick listen, it’s aight nothing special. I’ll always be a fan ( MOTM1 and 2 are some of my favorite projects to come ou the last 5 years), but Cudi needs to some through big on MOTM3.

    • AlexFirth91

      I respect it. MOTM3 definitely needs to deliver, but I’m sure he will he still got a year and a few months to work on it. Supposedly he’s back in the studio with Emile and Plain Pat but most likely on that project.

      • Kyle

        Cudi sounds best making music with those guys. Yeah I like the vibe on this project, he seems to be getting better at making instunmentals (really liked the opening track).

  • AlexFirth91

    I really liked this, its obviously not lyrically on level with MOTM1 & 2 but even though its an album; like Cudi stated they all fit within his catalog but this is a prelude. This is actually a dope ass concept well executed, really sounds like some space shit, that Copernicus Landing instrumental he made was fuego. All in all, Cudi ripped beats and graced tracks. He’s basically providing music on the “Satellite Flight” that is en route to MOTM3 that will definitely be gaining a massive amount of listeners to hopefully live up to the hype. I copped and if you support Scott you should too. That concert in Brooklyn next month is gonna be lit.

  • VisualizingTheRealism

    Just got done with it and.. I love the vibe. There are always going to be haters, but Cudi dropped great vibe music for us. Can’t wait for MotM3.

    • Dave

      Word fuck the haters!

      • Tyler Reaux


  • Boomer

    Can’t believe this is the guy who made MOTM1 and A Kid Named Cudi

  • DIesel

    Any standouts on this?

    • VisualizingTheRealism

      Balmain Jeans and Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now

      • Steve

        yup balmain is the only decent song, but the rest of the album is absolute trash. Track 9 was a step above terrible

        • Dave

          Bro bro just stop

          • Steve

            I can’t have an opinion? I will credit Cudi as one of the few artists who got me into hiphop, but it’s terrible seeing how far he’s fallen. This album is awful to all but the Cudi stans (which apparently populate 2dope

  • Mister Nicely

    This project has flashes of brilliance. Cud just has to deliver on MOTM3 so everything can come back full circle. Impressed with this though.

  • Travis Muzzy


  • prynce28

    You guys can keep saying you like it but we all know none of us are going to listen to this album after a month tops. I love Cudi but he needs to step it up.

    • Prince Akeem

      yea the forced praise is always strong until a week or so

    • youhighbro

      It’s hard to watch his music spiral from motm to wzrd and then this. I mean there are still glimpses of his harmonizing and rapping on the same song still like too bad I have to kill you, but for most part this sounds like he tried to make an interlude 10 times and decided to sing or rap on a some of them. Yeah he is getting better at making his own production, but at the cost of losing fans like me that liked him for his lyrics his rapping, singing, and harmonizing not his production. Probably keep this cd for something to play when im really faded to fall asleep to cause that’s all it’s good for to me.

      • ObiWanJaynobi

        Thanks, your paragraph was mad informative to me; I always thought Cudi was trash but never wanted to judge because these days truth=hate. Your paragraph has confirmed my suspicions.

    • Dave

      Fuck you! Dont ever diss Kid Cudi that way man. Apologize now

  • KBenjamin

    At the end of Indicud, Kid Cudi left us with “The Flight Of The Moon Man”. He returns to us today starting with “Destination: Mother Moon”. After the bright colors of being Indicud, Cudi takes listeners into dark space with KiD CuDi presents SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon. This is so fucking good, exactly the Cudi I want to hear

  • chanceadlib

    I’m feeling like there’s not much point to this prelude. I get it but I’m not listening to 10 songs worth of prelude if every single one sounds like an interlude-ish opening track of MOTM3. It’s just not satisfying

    • youhighbro

      my thoughts exactly… should just give this cd away for free its basically one longgggggggggg ass interlude

  • Ohms

    next stop uranus.

  • thatrandomguy

    Not what i expected, but i can still dig it. If you’re expecting a rap album in the vain of the Man On The Moon series, you’ll definitely be disappointed. It’s got a very spacey, atmospheric, cinematic and dreamy vibe.

    Stand out tracks for me – Balmain Jeans, Too bad i have to destroy you now and Return of the moon man.

  • Sonja
  • Mez D

    Man fuck I just want MOTM 1 & 2 Cudi back. I liked WZRD, Indicud had dope songs but they were nothing like his first two albums in terms of replay ability for me. I’m not a fan of this industrial grungy sound I really hope Plain Pat & Emile work on MOTM3, even though I think he wants to continue in this vein.

  • jordan

    im heading over to youtube. he said its one of his best works or something right? well youtube will tell me that and if i like it maybe ill get it on iTunes

  • Great

  • fox

    By the looks of these comments, it’s obvious that people don’t understand concepts. The purpose of this project is to show where Cudi is, creatively, in between Indicud and MOTM3. It was supposed to be an EP but he decided to throw in some dope ass instrumentals to make it a full length project. Cudi’s discography is basically one big story with every project perfectly placed within it.

  • Divine Mescudi

    I’m so excited about that projet, I know it’s will be great, just listen to “Going to Ceremony” and “Satellite Flight” they both are great tracks with great vibe. I think that Cudi went back to his basic for this album. It seems to be more a MOTM than a Indicud. Anyway I’m confident with any Cudi projet, He never did crack shit, even WZRD & Indicud had dope songs. Cudi is the shit!

  • Julius

    4/5 ratings on Cudder’s new album. Definitly wasn’t a huge fan of all the interludes/instrumentals on Indicud and I have the same issue with Satellite Flight ALTHOUGH the interludes were actually decent this time around – just rather hear him on them. But other than that this album has some golden production from Cudi himself and some great standout songs. Balmain Jeans is erotically peaceful and Saadiq’s voice lays over it perfectly. Too Bad I Have To Destroy You is proabably my favorite song on the album and instantly goes onto the all-time best Cudi songs in my opinion. As bad as alot of people say Internal Bleeding is, personally I love it. It’s a gutful and honest outburst of a man that has tried just about every drug to heal his inner pain. Vocally the song may not be Whitney Houston but I love it in a classic Cudi kind of way. Troubled Boy and Going to the Ceremony are okay tracks and finally the title track Satellite Flight is a spaced out, larger than life song that will leave you thinking you’re on the moon somewhere. People are complaining it’s the not the old Cudi sound they like but that’s because Cudi himself is GROWING as a artist and if you love Cudi, his music and his messages then you understand this and have grown with him. All in all my favorite Kid Cudi album thus far. Light one YAEM…….

  • SpongeBoob

    I loved the album, seemed to me more like a coherent body of work than Indicud or WZRD did, granted I’ve been a diehard Cudi fan since day one. Its definitely a bummer though that Kid Cudi was framed as a “rapper” so long ago with A Kid Named Cudi and MOTM 1, I mean now that he wants to pursue other musical endeavors like production and vocals everyone compares his new music to his old music. If this album were his debut album as a musical artist, I can’t help but feel it would have been better received by a wider audience. But like I said, this is just coming from the rambling mind of cudder junkie.

  • Jay Daniels

    I think this is great.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    This album is bland, I never understood the Cudi obsession anyway. People talk about other albums on this site and cosign this weak shit. I enjoyed Ross, Pharrel, and Q more than this shit. He needs to go back to the drawing board period.

  • BoRed

    This shit is snooze-ville

  • Rodney Mcclinton


  • Tyler Reaux

    its fucking dope! Only listened twice but def gonna listen more.