Playlist: Our Favorite Kanye West Songs

blame it on Shake February 24, 2014
kanye west favorite songs

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What more can be said about one Kanye Omari West that hasn’t been uttered to your face over the last several years (or minutes, for that matter), furiously typed for display on a computer screen, or yelled aloud from the mouth of West himself. In the ten years since his seminal debut, Kanye was gone on to be music’s savior, awards shows’ worst nightmare, politically outspoken pundit, one of fashion’s most emulated magnates, and a future Kardashian in-law. He’s probably done more today than we’ve done in a week, but I’m digressing.

Kanye has an ever-growing extensive catalog that crosses many genres; whittling that down to a small sample of our favorite songs was no easy take. However, the DopeHouse would like to instead present to you, the dope head, our favorite Kanye songs, both past and present, with the hopes that perhaps you’ll one day be inspired to follow in his footsteps. Or, at least crash an MTV VMA stage.

Kanye West – All Falls Down f. Syleena Johnson

With an appropriated Lauryn Hill sample, the video for the College Dropout single can be summed up in two words: Stacey Dash. Hey, the song’s not that bad either.


Kanye West – Spaceship f. GLC & Consequence

A great song about the trials and tribulations of the Average Joe got an equally grandiose video…that took nearly five years to drop. Worth the wait, however.


Kanye West – Never Let Me Down f. JAY Z & J. Ivy

Back when Kanye was more introspective than Isabel Marant, he and Jay — which would be the start of many, many collaborations from the two — concocted this understated cut from West’s 2004 debut. Pharrell’s reaction to Kanye’s verse pretty much explains how we all felt when we all first heard it.


Kanye West – Two Words f. Mos Def, Freeway & The Boys Choir of Harlem

In the earlier stages of his rapping career, Kanye would easily skate between the mainstream and underground worlds. This standout from his debut album bridged that gap, and had every bourgeois bottle-popper and Jansport-rocking backpacker alike bobbing their heads.


Slum Village – Selfish f. Kanye West & John Legend

The Detroit veterans landed their biggest hit with this Aretha Franklin-sampled smash from their 2004 album Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit). A sly ode to the lovely ladies of the world, this song made it perfectly okay to two-step around the club like it was nobody’s business.


Kanye West – Drive Slow f. Paul Wall & GLC

During Texas’ screw music invasion of rap in the mid-Aughts, Kanye tried his hand at the genre with this slow-moving (no pun intended) single from Late Registration. Having Paul Wall riding shotgun was one thing, but paying tribute to the late DJ Screw by slurring out the final seconds of the song was just magical.


Kanye West – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) f. JAY Z

One of the few times where the remix was better than the original, Kanye’s blood diamond rant on this cut was priceless. Plus, Memphis Bleek’s career hasn’t been the same since Jay’s verse.


Kanye West – Gone f. Consequence & Cam’ron

During his tenure on Roc-A-Fella, Killa Cam and Kanye — in their short period working together — made the most of their time, crafting a small litany of bangers. To this day we still wonder what could have been if Cam and ‘Ye worked together more.


Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Kanye’s first Graduation single, was just that: progression toward to bombastic. He exemplified his “stadium-status” aspirations for the album with this single, and those sampled Young Jeezy ad-libs were just the icing on the cake.


Kanye West – Paranoid f. Mr. Hudson

Yeezy’s first foray into weird-hop with 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak was an interesting one so to speak. It was akin to caviar: either you enjoyed it, or you didn’t stomach it. Regardless, the album did produce this highlight, which sounds straight from the synth-pop worlds of ‘80s groups INXS, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran.


Rick Ross – Live Fast, Die Young f. Kanye West

This track was supposed to land on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but Rick took it for his own Teflon Don. Ultimately, the two would reunite again on “Devil In A New Dress.” Side trivia: Kanye’s “Runaway” borrows heavily from “Live Fast, Die Young.”


Kanye West & JAY Z – The Joy f. Pete Rock, KiD CuDi, & Charlie Wilson

Anchored by a vintage Pete Rock backdrop and a beautiful Curtis Mayfield sample, the Watch The Throne closer was a perfect way to end the album.

Speaking of Kanye, Complex put up an awesome editorial on College Dropout. Do yourself a favor and check out their Honorary Degree cover story here.

  • gaint ball

    Ye > Em

    • d-bo

      I wish I could downvote your shitty comment. Ye is trashcan music. Seriousy tho. I think this nigga gay on the downlow. Yeezy probably cries 3x a month.

      • Goldberg brain

        And I wish I could down vote your shitty comment

    • PV

      he’s actually a much better artist, its not even close. obviously Em is a better lyricist but he cant make a song for shit!

    • cam

      Doesn’t matter since they had the two worst albums released in 2013!!!

      • wikig1itch

        word, but I’d still rather listen to yeezus then that weak ass MM2

    • wat

      Smh, don’t do that.

      • gaint ball

        Don’t do what??? oh you mean talk about facts?

        Ok here you go…. 2+2=5, There you happy?

        • Enjoyer of Music

          i agree with you but comparing two artists isn’t a fact. thats all opinion.

        • Sticky


    • Stevie Janowski

      What a joke, kanye is a great producer but as an MC he’s not even in the same class as Eminem. Kanye didn’t even write half of his own rhymes and is partly responsible for the feminization of hip hop.

      • gaint ball

        I laughed my ass off at your comment LMFAO! i wasn’t going to reply b/c your comment wasn’t worth a reply but i just wanted you to know that you had be ROTF….thanks 4 that

      • wat

        He’s just a troll bro.

        • gaint ball

          Not at all, just b/c you don’t agree with my comment doesn’t mean im a troll dumbass

          • wat

            “I laughed my ass off at your comment LMFAO! i wasn’t going to reply b/c your comment wasn’t worth a reply but i just wanted you to know that you had be ROTF….thanks 4 that”

            Totally not a troll.

          • gaint ball

            Damn you’re a fucking idiot, plus no one agrees with you

      • TrueGem17

        Em might be the best MC, but Kanye is a better artist. Em is a fucking rapping beast, no doubt. But Kanye changed the whole landscape of music industry. Look how hip hop evolved. Every Ye’s album set the new bar for producers and artists to play catch up. Ye knows how to blend genres and create new masterpieces. And everybody follows his style. Now everybody wanna make beats like MBDTF.

    • Kyle


      • gaint ball


  • Tino


  • Thank Me

    I was going to condemn this post and say you needed to include “Big brother” “Flashing Lights” + a couple others from Graduation, but I realized the list is only 12 songs. Basically I forgot how many great songs he has put out. He’s a legend

    • shake

      And it’s a list of OUR favorites. So it’s all opinion and personal preference at this point. I agree though. When we started going through his catalog, I was blown away by all the songs I wanted to include.

      • Chris Brown

        kanye’s full catalogue is like dom’s get home safely.
        hella dope track by track

        • shake

          I was let down by ‘Get Home Safely’ overall, so that statement doesn’t really sit with me.

          • Chris Brown

            :O damn.. It is curious..anyway I respect your taste ;)

  • aura nona

    List not bad. My list.
    1. We major
    2. Roses
    3. Diamonds (original)
    4. Touch the sky
    5. Devil in Blue dress
    6. Last call
    7. 2 words
    8. Can’t tell me nothing
    9. Welcome to heartbreak
    10. Murder to excellence
    11. Dark fantasy.
    12. Crack music.

    • shake

      Just shows how deep dude’s catalog is right? Only one track on yours is featured on ours. And I bet if someone else put a list, it would be completely different too.

      • aura nona

        yeah shake..and that is just scratching the surface.

    • StudentOfTheGame

      Roses is my shit

  • marty mcfly

    Good Morning
    Dark Fantasy
    Can’t Tell Me Nothing
    Diamonds From Sierra Leone
    Black Skinhead
    Barry Bonds
    So Appalled
    Crack Music
    Devil In A New Dress
    Last Call

  • Chris Brown

    I’ll behave like I never seen this post-playlist………smh….

  • FuxWitIt


    • FuxWitIt

      Picking 12 is tough tho

  • Sticky

    Paranoids definitely my favorite 808s track, kind of surprising to see no MBDTF tho

    • d-bo

      808s was gay as fuck. Kanye pushin that gay agenda.

  • StudentOfTheGame

    My List

    1. Addiction
    2. We dont care
    3. Spaceship
    4. Workout Plan
    5. Roses
    6. Gone
    7. Champion
    8. Flashing Lights
    9. Power
    10. Gorgeous
    11. Say You Will
    12. Cant Tell Me Nothin

    … this list was so hard to make lol

    • aura nona

      haha now I need to make a new list, good one student. Who even came up with this idea? it is so unfair…. for such a catalog lol

      • StudentOfTheGame

        I swear this was one of the hardest list ive done in a while

    • StudentOfTheGame

      I didnt even get into the Good Fridays or Features.

      this post made realize how much i love Kanye but fuck his attitude about things need to change. all i want is some good music

  • Guest

    i didnt even get into the Good Fridays tracks or the features

  • YeDaTruth

    Ye is Da Truth.

  • AndOneill

    I’m just gonna list my favourites that aint on here!
    1. Family business
    2. A good woman
    3. last call
    4. late
    5. Roses
    6. Addiction
    7. I wonder
    8. Everything I am
    9. The glory
    10. Blame game

    Man no matter how much he has changed, the man has made such dope shit. Some of the best beats of the last 10 years, he is a legend for real and still has a lot left to give, let’s just hope he gets back on that hiphop shit

    • drunkbear

      Ditto on the Last Call and Blame Game. And just b/c 808 wasn’t that popular an album, I’m going to throw in RoboCop. I blame my ex for me relating so well to that song.

  • caleb oberrath

    No “Gorgeous”!!!!! Awww, nothing from MBDTF?

  • Mez D

    No Order,
    Never Let Me Down
    Good Morning
    Can’t Tell Me Nothing
    Heard em Say
    Flashing Lights
    Heartless/Paranoid/Welcome to Heartbreak/Say you will/Robocop

    Actually I can’t do this that’s not nearly half of my favorite Ye songs lol.

  • Mez D

    Also, I have a feeling his next album’ll be fuckin awesome. Even though yeezus got so much critical acclaim I feel like his ego won’t take the fans’ response and he’ll come back with some dope hiphop shit.

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    No “Good Life?”

  • Check

    no order… not (featuring Ye) trax

    I wonder
    flashing lights
    we major
    drive slow
    Through the wire
    So appalled (minus swizz)
    Diamonds (remix)
    Dark fantasy
    Edit: Cannot forget Addiction

    Too much amazing work though, to be honest. left out WTT

  • I just thought it was the music… I didn’t know.
    I just thought it was the music…………. I didn’t know.

    – Pharrell

  • Isaac

    Roses (from Late Registration)

  • Chris Brown

    1.flashing lights
    2.good life
    3.jesus walks
    4.diamonds from sierra leona
    5.welcome to heartbreak
    7.blood on the leaves
    9.i’m in it
    10.hold my liquor
    11.good morning
    12.guilt trip

    *bonus special mention to kanye’s niggas in paris part

  • figgy

    1.) Out the Game feat. Consequence & John Legend
    2.) Family Business
    3.) Runaway
    4.) Good Friday (Feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi)
    5.) Homecoming (either with Chris Martin or John Legend)
    6.) Celebration
    7.) Coldest Winter
    8.) They Say (Common Feat. John Legend & Kanye West)
    9.) Heard ‘Em Say (feat. Adam Levine)
    10.) Dark Fantasy

  • goody

    so many good tracks everyone has listed, just wanted to throw in:
    common – the food
    dilated peoples – this way

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