Rihanna Joins Drake in Paris

blame it on Illy February 25, 2014

Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour?” rolled through Paris tonight and for the first time ever, Drizzy performed his 2011 hit “Take Care” alongside Rihanna. RiRi also performed her hit single “Pour It Up.” Watch the footage from the show above.

  • Nobody

    Lookin like he mean every single word he saying to her!

    • tlox

      he wrote the song for her…lol

  • Jay Daniels

    I know that right after the music cut off he said… PARIS.. Make some motherfucking noise for the beautiful, sexy, talented etc etc etc.. RIHANNA lol

  • Jordan

    Rihannas song is harder than his

    • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

      lol 2 dudes wrote her song.

  • AmIDickRidingyet


  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Drake goes double cheesy when with Rihanna

    • tony Lemarco

      Big time. His only wish is that he “dies real”. Better get a magic lamp dude

  • IG: MyNameIs_Earl_

    $100 says he fucked after the show lol

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