Rick Ross – Nobody f. French Montana & Puff Daddy (Video Teaser)

blame it on Illy February 25, 2014

After giving us an in-studio visual to their latest collabo, Rozay teases the official music video for his French Montana and Puff Daddy-featured “Nobody” off Mastermind, out on Tuesday.

  • DOdo

    i truly believe like rick ross said this guy is backed by a higher power. how does he keep getting away with this shit man smh.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    he couldnt wait to milk this shit lol… deffo was set up on some hollywood shit to make him appear as close as possible to biggie without actually dying

    • marty mcfly

      I dont think Ross is trying to be like BIG. They may both be fat but they different as artists. Ross leans more on a vibe based on what he can get with production and his rhymes are all over the place because that works for artists concerned with just keeping a vibe. BIG was more calculating and more of a song writer. Now for people questioning the realness between the two? Thats interesting because Biggie alot of times was playing a character as a rapper. He based his material on real circumstances but he exaggerated the lyrics to give his music a movie like quality. Biggie would often become Frank White on record, a character that was a mafioso crime boss/drug kingpin/ultimate player/ MC etc… There two different kinda artists but I think when its all said and done people gonna look back and see Ross was kinda ill with his music overall. His delivery, imagery, lyrical references, etc… and his production.

      • North

        Man, this guy said it… Its bout time Ross got some respect.
        Hip Hop aint all gotta be lyrical, thats just one half of it. Who else put on the image of BAWSE in rap right now better than Ross do

  • marty mcfly


  • Monroemarley

    I love how much butthurt this track has inspired lol