Rihanna & Jhené Aiko In Paris...

rihanna jhene aiko

Drake's tour made a stop in Paris Tuesday night. As we previously reported, Rihanna was too and made a special appearance on stage. While backstage, her and Jhené Aiko decided to snap a quick picture together.

Is there a real reason for this post? Not really, but I doubt anyone will complain...

jhene aiko

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  • wat

    Good Lord, Jhene. Be mine

  • Monroemarley

    Jhene yes please…Rihanna pass

  • Jay Daniels

    I'm just saying. Can we stop calling Rihanna a fantasy cause I ain't know any man who actually thinks she looks good.

    • Monroemarley

      Rihanna sex appeal is like NBA JAM Tournament Edition without all the powerups and hotspots and shit...Basic as fuck and lacking key elements

      • Cam TexasBoy Perry

        lol bruh

      • drunkbear

        tell us how you REALLY feel about her hahaha

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      She look better then those ugly ass white girls that is plastered everywhere.

      • Monroemarley

        Nah...Brooklyn Decker shit on her off top

  • JemPage

    How the fuck did whoever took this even hold the camera steady

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      How are you this thirsty

  • Dave

    Jhene girl you just don't know. Rihanna aint got shit on her

  • Stevie Janowski

    A porno of these two bitches would go double diamond

    • 1Hunnit


      • Luke Foord

        Now I'm predicting that this one will go EMERALD

  • Sirilly

    Oh god Jhene, please don't let Rihanna make you ratchet.

    • Guest

      Do you not know anything about Jhene? She's always been a ratchet hippy girl lol

  • leutrim

    Jhene Aiko >>>>>>>>> rihanna

  • One

    Rihanna is a Bad influence oh jhene.... :)

  • Trizzy

    Rihanna keeping her enemies closer... Jhene will kill her sex appeal when she hits the mainstream with her gorgeous mixed ass!!!

  • anjt

    Guess that boy Drizzy had a good night in Paris.

  • Marley71

    Selling homosexuality to the youth as fashionable. Well done, your check is in the mail.

  • Gabriel Reed

    Hmmm... this fantasy is deep... but can it get deeper? *add sexual pun*

  • SuaveDeacon

    This the kind of content I want to see. Enough Rick Ross.

  • http://www.youtube.com/nickseveremusic Nick Severe

    Both look sucked up and 14


    Jnehe Over Kate [Rihanna] Perry.

  • Shahbaz Briscoe

    You know a lot these female (& male) celebs get get dug out at these parties by old white jew"ish" executives? Rihanna was a child prostitute now she pretty much the princess of pop. If you got that 3rd eye open, research & put the pieces together


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