DOOM x Bishop Nehru: Beyond the Mask

blame it on Shake February 27, 2014

With DOOM and Bishop Nehru’s upcoming Nehruvian Doom EP still hidden away, XXL gives us an exclusive look at the two in the studio. Out in London town, the two take some time out to speak on the project, their thoughts on working together and more.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    I might fuck around and be on some DOOM hunting trip lol London’s small, he aint that hard to find haha

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    is he stuck in london? did i read that some where?

    • Selorm Amuzu

      yhh been stuck in London for minute due to immigration issues

      • Stian Nicolaysen

        He’s was on tour in Europe 1 month ago.

        • Conceive & Deceive

          He was born in England, so can move around Europe just can’t make it back to the States

  • BoRed

    I am indescribably excited for this! This is some classic footage too

  • Sirilly

    This is dope! Not every upcoming emcee gets to met their utmost favorite emcee of all time everyday. I know he’s happy.

    • Stian Nicolaysen

      “Gets to meet” ? You know they are doing a EP together right? They’ve probably met a bunch of times before …

  • quas


  • Kev

    This kid is gonna be a problem. I love Joey & he’ll probably be more commercially successful but Bishop is the better lyricist.

  • DBS

    Hopefully they expand it to a full album, I’ll wait.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    I cannot wait, this will be a new age classic I can tell.

  • ✨Mister Draper

    looking forward to the project. word. but umm, yeah, DOOM needs to clip his fkn nails. either clip em or paint em b

  • fonzo517

    looking forward to this



  • Mike Hawk

    He should of continued the Zev Love X persona way back. Zev had an ill rhyme scheme. MF is just on some weird shit.