So, Rihanna Decided to Troll the Internet Again By Rocking a See-Thru Top in Paris

blame it on Shake February 28, 2014
rihanna paris

It looks like Paris is where Rihanna goes to let loose. After posing with Jhené Aiko back stage at Drake’s concert, the pop singer decided to rock a see-thru top during her night on the town after attending Balmain and Lanvin’s Fashion Week earlier in the day. And as you can see, there was no effort to cover up…

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  • Arnie Kemz

    why cant all girls be like rihanna haaaan?

    • It’s True Sorry

      Cause all girls don’t suck dick for fts…

      • wat

        She showed her tits. That MUST mean she fucked her way up the industry ladder, huh? -_-

        • It’s True Sorry

          Should I have to answer tht for u

    • Guest

      Hoes in Wonderland

  • Crystalweed

    typical SLUT

    • DIesel

      typical virgin

      • Guest

        another SLUT detected

        • DIesel

          I’m gettin mine bro what the fuck do i care what you think about it. You think rihanna cares either.. that’s nobodys business worry about your own

          • Crystalweed

            chill out dawg

          • DIesel

            I’m cool like water bro you need to chill on slut-shaming a beautiful female comfortable w her body. She’s showin what the whole world wants to see and giving no fucks about it. The baddest

          • Crystalweed

            man, this is what I see in this girl, not YOU, just me…
            And i’m pretty sure your blog #1 – huffington post, not 2dopeboyZ.

          • NoWuff

            Yall some fools

      • LupeX

        lol same thing I was thinking. Dorks!

    • drunkbear

      typical i-just-don’t-give-a-fuck type news!

  • ahijah sellassie

    Then it be to easy for niggas like you

  • jordan

    definition of a THOT

  • Thank Me

    2014: there is legalized gay marriage in many states, might as well repeal laws that say women can’t be topless.

  • Charlie Van Horn

    she has horrible tits. And she is not “trolling the internet”, she is simply acting out her duties as an industry slave as she is told what to do, wear, etc.

    • Prince Akeem

      i wonder what your sister’s and cousins’ tits look like if those are so horrible. sounds like you are just being spiteful just say you dont like her no need to disparage her looks

  • OMG

    such a attention whore

    • jordan

      u think she would have less attention if she was just wearing something normal?

      • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx


  • I guess this is about the only type of shit she has left to get some attention.. sextape leaking in 3, 2, 1..

  • Dave

    I’d rather see Jhene in a see thru everything

    • vaci

      all you’d see is skin and bones, my friend.

      • Dave

        Nah Jhene actually has a really curvy shape for her petite frame

  • Chris Brown

    i smashed rihanna 4 times

    • Mac Dre


      • Chris Brown

        love u mac dre

  • DIesel

    Shameful ignorance in these comments. Rihanna is the baddest

    • Crystalweed

      u screamin like a feminist

      • DIesel


        • Crystalweed

          you must fuck this bithes, instead of yelling for them rights

          • DIesel

            Do both simpleton

  • Q.

    ya hating on rihanna but she is still getting money and she gorgeous

  • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

    I would hit no hesitation

  • Trizzy

    Why are y’all mad about this though?

    • Lord

      Lol. I’m saying.

  • msratedr

    she sould her soul whats left to sell..thats why these dudes have no shame in treatin women like freaky tales. bxxxhes insead of ladies, lookn at them with lust instead of admiration. Nothing wrong with loving your body but not everyone will for the right reason. and therefore one should treat there body like rare treasure instead of family dollar gold. get yo respect up. class is always better to show off then a$$.

  • wikig1itch

    Damn dudes is made that a good looking woman is wearing a see-through top…or they just bitter because it’s Rihanna? smh….

  • LaFlame

    She might as well throw het pussy out there too!

  • Guest

    she wants me bro.

  • solis91

    She wants me bro.

  • LOL

    needa TIT JOB

  • LupeX

    Thirst trap!!! LOL On a serious note, I love the fact that she’s liberated and doesn’t gaf. Too many ppl get hung up on stuff like this, it’s just titties. If you’re an adult, this shouldn’t freak you out – beautiful!

  • Rihanna iz still way overrated

  • Dat nigga

    Chill. She’s in France. French shit. She’s not your baby momma.

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  • MrDRiceJr

    True thot, but I’d still hit lol

  • NoWuff

    She’s just exercising her rights as a free, liberal, American.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    She got pimped by all these mainstream Whites LOL. People can say what they want about nigga’s, but everyone knows the biggest pimp is the White man LOL. When she first came out she was sincere as hell, now she is nothing but a fight starting hoe now that looks like she has been passed around by everybody, and this happened right after she went White AKA mainstream.

    This destroy’s the myth that when nigga’s get a hold of you they fuck you’re life up (Miley, Kim Kardashian, and the like). They turned her out completely, it is almost as if the chick has no soul.