• Mitch

    I Got Love by Nate Dogg used to be (and still is) the shit! Probably one of Bink's best...

  • vito

    you forgot rick ross - cigar music. that ish goes!

  • DeV

    "All I Need" is missing. SMH.

  • Thomas_76

    Raw and Uncut - Beans
    All my life & a When they remember - Freeway
    Rolling down the freeway - state Property
    Lights camera action - mr cheeks

  • Phantastica

    VA also has the 540...

  • Name

    tony williams - another you ft. kanye

  • KoldBowKillah

    Yo, Love to yall showin love to VA Producers. And as a current resident Of Shark City(Norfolk for yall), This is dope. #PeaceToYall

  • LOL

    his beats on blackout & mbdtf

  • juscervantes

    freeway ft nate dogg- all my life

  • adam_dz

    To me, he's the most underrated hip-hop producer other than Buckwild. Both have an extensive catalogue of street classics/bangers. A few tracks I didn't see mentioned: Xzibit "The Gambler", Prodigy "Rock That Shit", Red/Meth "4 Min To Lockdown" (w/ Rae & Ghost)

  • http://insite.bandcamp.com/ IN_SITE

    straight bangers http://insite.bandcamp.com/ he got some nice publishing checks

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Between "The Ruler's Back" and "Devil in a New Dress"

  • wat

    He produced Mafia Music III? That's currently my shit

  • Followthebeard Chambliss

    Hold up im From 434 Virginia Yall dont never show me love... i promise i can rap circles around SCOTT KEBO

  • Keemer

    "Black Kids Dream" by Asaad

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2013/

    When they remember-Freeway-so cinamatic

  • IV in the Clouds

    "It's Going Down Pt 2" (Bink! Remix) Blackalicious ft Talib Kweli