A$AP Rocky – Riot Rave f. Baauer (Video)

blame it on Illy March 3, 2014

To help promote his instrumental project, Beauty and The Beast: Slowed Down Sessions: Chapter 1, as well as Vlone line, Flocka releases a viral clip for the Baauer-assisted “Riot Rave.” Rocky has also released “Unicorn” which you can hear and watch the visual for down below.

  • wealthistheword

    remember the days when people would riot for a significant cause

  • wealthistheword

    asap rocky fans be like “lets riot in the name of high fashion”

    • Chris Brown

      fashion killas waruuuuuup.
      no for real, this instrumental and video is hot

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    lel there goes his instrumental album

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    This shit is so bad.

    What is the ‘message’ or the ’cause’? Looks like a bunch of teens dressed in Hood by Air and Yeezys knocking over trash cans. Some ‘riot’.

    Does nothing but reinforce rap as being music for violent, volatile, aimless youths.

    Stick to DKNY commercials.

  • Crystalweed

    Where L.O.R.D. Rocky?


    you call this a riot?

  • Guest

    Wack Tame Impala flip

    • YUNG KJ

      what track did he flip? curious.

      • tony Lemarco

        Going Backwards – Tame Impala. I didn’t think it was wack at all; pretty good actually. I can hear some potential in there I just hope it’s not a chopped/screwed album

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    That video was pretentious artistic bullshit. There is no cause, no deeper meaning, no fight for anything significant going on. It’s just a bunch of over privileged kids running around being edgy.

    • lar$

      lmao this had me weak. you right doe

  • Jojoba

    what is this? im so confused is this a chopped and screwed album so confused

    • nicoswebaby

      Says “Slowed Down Sessions” so I guess it’s for the lean sippers

  • Hood Oracle

    people be hating for the sake of hating…the two joints he put out was dope now I ain’t jumpin outta my seat but you gotta admit he has a good ear for sound.

  • Chris Brown

    yo asapy, FEB. 14 2013?
    we already march 4, the fuck is goin on??
    video is from yesterday….
    i’m so confused i have no idea of what i’m doin

  • Gary Eagelton


    • wealthistheword

      the internet. thats why

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        Because of the internet…..

  • boobie mitchell

    damn unicorns makes me miss the asap x raider klan days

    • Luis Rosas

      maybe because ASAP mobb took the raider klan style

  • california
  • Guest

    wow sooooo edgy -__-


    DONDA! Oh Wait It’s The A$VP MOB