Chamillionaire – Go Getta

blame it on Shake March 3, 2014
chamillionaire go getta

Chamillionaire takes some time out from watching Breaking Bad to release his latest single. Produced by the Beat Bullies, “Go Getta” may or may not live on Cham’s upcoming Poison LP. Either way, the song is available for stream below and purchase on iTunes.

  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    Wow this song is dope and the beat goes real hard

  • Dope song!!! Really feeling this from Chamillionaire!

  • The 256

    Cham = greatness! Go Gett-a copy off itunes now

  • Eden O.

    King Koopa drops nothing but HEAT! Cham is too dope!

  • Dios

    if you rollin’ with a winner then you are wit #chamillitary yo

  • Man honestly I’m trying to stay an active fan but I feel like he’s falling behind the times. Take in mind that I have been a loyal fan since 2007.

    • Julio Torres

      loyal fan since 2007? son ive been a fan since 2001-2002 and ive never felt hes been “behind the times” his music has changed a lot over the years… You’ll see on poison

  • 44wade

    In my opinion Cham is in the same place as 50. I think they are both still making dope music but it’s not the kind of music thats popular with the masses today and don’t wanna change or compromise who they are.

  • Julio Torres

    This song will not be on Poison… This song is dope, i can already imagine how this sounds in the whip haha Cant wait to hear Poison! #Chamillitary

  • Jon Scattaregia

    Dope motivational song from Cham!

  • xx601_Boyxx

    cool track ffrom cham….

  • 1da

    these comments are fake i swear, sound so odd

    • Julio Torres

      Fake? are people not allowed to support their favorite artist?? get out of here with that nonsense son… and btw all these people here are members on so…

  • Peter

    He’s not as popular as he once was, but the man still has passion for music as it shows in this song.Chamillitary!

  • Levent Mehmet

    Go Getta Poison when it comes out!

  • i went to “go getta” copy of the record on itunes! I think its dope when cham mixes his raps and singing on records like this!

  • Brian Cockrell

    Another Banger from Koopa & Beat Bullies

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Yea I agree with a lot of you. Cham & BeatBullies always produce hot tracks together. Cham always makes the hook catchy. Real dope song to ride too…. Yo @44wade, it would be dope to see a Cham & 50 Cent collab. 50 is independent now just like Cham so there ain’t no label to stop them.

  • Guest

    Chamillionaire IS A LIVING LEGEND


    King Koopa

  • Stephen T.

    Hell yes! Storytelling at it’s finest … this is real rap! go support on itunes! Can’t wait til Poison!

  • Shawn Tisdale

    Yo cham and the bear bullies is like Montana to Rice lol

  • bfarber

    Beat Bullies is prob one of my favorite producers that Cham uses, and this song epitomizes why. Loving the feel and the mood of the song – perfect for riding or chilling to.

  • Steve Schweizer

    Not my personal favorite beat….but damn The General ain’t playing with the pad!! Chamillitary Stand Up

  • Santiago Jimmy Nieblas

    i think it is way better then all main steam rap right now keep at it cham you be like tech n9ne chamillionaire wont go main steam. but main steam will go chamillionaire

  • Pizza Steve

    Aight track

  • TheKidBrian

    Maaaaan. Boys better quit sleeping on Chamillionaire. Can’t exaggerate that enough.

  • Davon Dicks

    versatility… normal speed then chop and screwed

  • Alex Godoy

    No question Chamilitary is on the rise. Putting out quality music steady for the last 6 mos. His website is popping right now too