Thoughts On KiD CuDi’s ‘Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon’?

blame it on Shake March 3, 2014
satellite flight cover

Last week, KiD CuDi pulled a Beyonce and released his new album unannounced. Coming in at 10-tracks with Raphael Saadiq as the only guest feature, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon is now available on iTunes with a physical release coming soon.

Now that you’ve had a week to take it in, we wanna know what y’all think. CuDi believes it’s his best work, do you? How does it stack up against his previous albums? Favorite tracks? Let us know!

  • John

    I love Cudi–but this was sub par at best.

  • trilla

    In my opinion it’s a pretty solid album. If you listen it from front to back, it sounds good. It fits together. The music definitely good, the lyrics could be questionable, but I think Cudi was aimin’ for the vibe rather than the lyrics. It’s definitely a better ”try-out” album than Yeezus in my opinion. He did a good job on picking the productions, although both MOTM’s are better lyric wise.

    • Goldberg brain

      Better than Yeezus? Thats’s cool i’ll give it a listen right now

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    I thought it was weak.

  • Mac Dre

    As a huge Cudi fan, I’m going to withhold judgement until the physical version comes out with additional tracks… Let’s just say I’m waiting/hoping for a reason to not dismiss this album.

  • Grant Petersen

    If you didn’t like or “get” Indicud you won’t like Satellite Flight. Cudi is an experimental artist. He’s not just raps. His music is a little demanding. You need to tune in and maybe listen a couple times.
    IMO- It was pretty dope, fluid, vibed out collection of records. Balmain Jeans and Satellite Flight are too groovy.

    • Idk I feel like SF is closer to WZRD than Indicud. Indicud IMO was a failed attempt at capturing the substance of MOTM 1 and 2. I think cudi is extremely talented but I’m a lot more interested in him teaming up with Plain Pat and Emile again MOTM 3.

      • 91&^UP

        Indicud had noooothing to do with MOTM.

        • Yes story wise you’re right, Indicud has nothing to do with the MOTM series. I was speaking more about his overall intention for Indicud and sonically. Cudi “tried” to recreate that magic that was MOTM 1&2. At least that’s what I got from what he was trying to do. The track layout, the features, the sound progression it all screamed MOTM to me IMO.

  • bodiddlywiddly

    the album was weak, where’s man on the moon 3 at?

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      Isn’t dropping til next year

  • highinspace

    i like cudis music but i didn’t like this album at all

    • Jon Muru

      *Vibrate noise from a cellphone* > *Kid Cudi Humming noise*

  • drewsmit24

    Another dope record added to cudi’s catalog.

  • Guest

    This is very nice project! It perfectly shows where Cudi is creatively at this point in his career. He’s progressing as an artist. It’s annoying as hell when people start complaining about experimentation. I just honestly think people love to complain. If his style would have stayed the same, they still would complain.

  • Guest

    Very nice project! It perfectly shows where Cudi is creatively at this point in his career. He’s progressing especially when it comes to production. It’s annoying as hell when people start complaining about experimentation. I just honestly believe people love to complain…if his style would have stayed the same, they still would complain.

  • Johnny the Ulcer

    Wasn’t a fan of it, at all.

  • Guest

    EXPERIMENTAL or not experimental, this album got me bored. kinda nothing special…

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    What do I think about Kid Cudi? Sean P has it right…


    • basedboy

      this guys an old fat washed up bitch n kid cudi creatively shits on anything this hatin ass nigga or heltah skeltah has ever made

    • biff tannen

      P is that dude lol

  • Guest

    this one is better, potential nominee for the grammys

  • NenTenDope

    It was nice….Just like with WZRD i had to listen to it like twice to understand/love it….hahahah BTW who is Sean Price???? ……(Exactly)

    • biff tannen


  • BathSaltZ0mbie .
    • Your Best Friend


  • Christine Gratia

    Cudi is a “mood”, he always has been. If you never get in this particular mood, it’s understandable why you’re not a fan. As far as this project goes, it’s dope… as hell. I didn’t have to rerun it like I did with Indicud. Balmain Jeans is sooooo sexy, Destroy You Now is hard, and of course Dreams 2015 is for the fans. The whole thing is in rotation till the wheels fall off just like any other Cudi project except WZRD :/ Can’t wait to add the physical to my collection. Music for the introverts :)

  • Guest

    Didn’t love it I’m not a big fan of Cudi’s production. But like he said, this is supposed to be a link between Indicud and MOTM3, and there were songs I loved with that motm vibe, like Too Bad and Troubled Boy. Balmain Jeans and Internal Bleeding were dope too.
    I’m thinking this means MOTM3 will be in the direction of those two songs and like the first and second albums, topped with Plain Pat & Emile on production.
    Sounds like the Cudi that made me a fan is making a return.

  • You

    Honestly when I heard the beats/instrumentals I was very pleased with it and thought this could potentially be comparable to MOTM1, but unfortunately it wasnt because he didnt rap

  • Lando

    I think it’s a great LP. As said before Cudi experiments with his compositions and even creates “worlds” through his music. Some people are just simply not ready for stuff like this yet. Needless to say adds a new element to hip-hop.

  • I have to say I love it. A huge step up from the (IMO) flop that was indicud. If I had to rate it; 80/100. Definitely worth the listen.

  • MusicHead

    Beautiful trash…just simply hot amazing trash at it’s finest. Recycle bin music greatest hits.

    • Exes


  • Gras Aap

    Thus album was horrible, the only track i like of this joint is Satelite Flight.

  • Trevor C

    Cudi should have left it as an EP rather than making it a full length studio album. I know he plans on releasing more songs in the future but as one piece of work with only 10 tracks, 4 of which were instrumentals, and 2 songs that had previously been released i felt a little short changed. I do like the sound and the direction this album is headed and respect that he pretty much produced the whole album but i do feel it was rushed trying to make this a “complete” album

  • xastey

    Didn’t like it at all and to put it into perspective I liked Wizard and everyone said that sucked http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/5581/fbj4fbjpg.png

  • Disappointing to the say the least. Kid Cudi is really starting show himself to be a one trick pony

    • we’ll see doe

      starting? looked that way after his first album. all down hill from the first tape. smh, one of the biggest disappointments as an artist ever!

  • Nuance

    I love CuDi. Have since ’07 when A Kid Named CuDi dropped and have loved every project since. This album is definitely a way spacey-er sound than any other project from him. Too Bad I Have To Destroy Now is like Mojo So Dope 2.0 it is so fly. Balmain Jeans almost made me throw up though. Maybe the ladies like it but shit was weird to listen to. I’ll stick to Pillow Talk. overall I give the album 7/10 so low because of Balmain Jeans and so few tracks with actual vocals on it there wasnt much to judge.

  • JLB

    Satellite Flight took me to the Dark Side of the Moon album. Amazing.

  • JLB

    Cudi LP took me back to Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Richvrd . Hxrnvndxz

    Man on the moon 1 > man on the moon 2 > indicud > wzrd > satellite flight. Cudi has some really dedicated fans that may be biased but if you wanted to be 100% honest with yourself, it sucks. Too bad I have to destroy u now was ok

  • I think most people should be confused… if homie wants to drop an instrumental EP/LP with himself humming over it while he’s high as fuck, then so be it… just don’t advertise it as something else

  • AlexFirth91

    It’s dope, could’ve included more tracks but that’s what the retail is for. He did this for the fans, it was amazing to have sold 85,000+ copies. It just shows Cudi has the fans and it don’t matter promo or not. He always debut top 5 now…

  • Rodney Mcclinton

    Dope Kid Cudi Fan Since A Kid Name Cudi Fuck Haters .|.-_-.|. King Wizard Doin His Thing Cant Wait Till MOTM3

  • Alec Ryan Nimmo


  • Tyler Reaux

    yeah shake the album to me is dope. I played it 2-3 times. I’ve been a cudi fan for a minute.