Lupe Fiasco – Thorns & Horns f. Ab-Soul

blame it on Illy March 3, 2014

Ab-Soul joins our best friend on the Floss and Fame-produced “Thorns & Horns.” Listen below.

  • VisualizingTheRealism

    Lupe on 2dope? The apocalypse is coming….Feeling the track though

  • yMs

    I’m rally glad to see you guys posting this with the past with Lupe, dope from my fav blog. And this shit LYRICAL AS HELL


    Really solid track. Definitely the best of all these Lupe loosies as of late. Crazy to see a lupe track back on 2DBZ. Ain’t seen one since that debacle years back. Since The Shining Down Thing. Soul-o spazzed.


      The atheists aren’t going to like this one

      • Shawn Muth

        Im an atheist…….

        • THE LOVE QUEEN!

          you have my sympathies

          • Shawn Muth

            So you’re stating that because someone is atheist they are somehow lesser than another human and therefore deserve sympathy? by the way i love the track.

          • Willmatic

            Come on, man. Chill out being all defensive.

          • THE LOVE QUEEN!

            Exactly! i was just kidding but some guys get sensitive even over what a girl say lol

          • Shawn Muth

            the context of what you said didn’t even make sense that atheist wouldn’t like the song I was just trying to point that out. no one is up in arms.

          • THE LOVE QUEEN!

            LOL! Yea sure whatever you say

          • Lorant Mena

            The atheist is just as religious as christianity or islamist in most cases

          • Shawn Muth

            that is true indeed. There are some crazy over the top atheist that spend every minute trying to dispute religion. Thats just a waste of time

  • Ghost Robot

    Soulo is going to be everywhere soon to get the push so his album drops

  • Mac Dre

    Illy is about to get fired by Shake and Meka for this post haha

    • ChristianFGY


    • Goldberg brain

      Why what happen

      • Mac Dre

        Long story short, b/c Lupe freaked out on Shake a few years ago for doing his job (blogging about music) so they decided not to post him. Occasionally they would post something he is featured on, if the other artists are dope, but other than that, no Lupe on 2DopeBoyz. Similar situation with Odd Future and 2Dope (except Frank Ocean, b/c his music is too good to be banished).

        • hobbes

          Yea man i remember that. Makes perfect sense why promote someones music that dont fuck with you plain and simple. Im surprised this is on here. Ab soul is dope tho.

        • Goldberg brain

          Well that’s their lost lol Lupe is mad dope!

          As for odd future i think all those cats are whack, even frank

          • Mac Dre

            Those were their words about Frank, not mine haha (I think he’s okay but way overrated). The rest of OFWGKTA is all gimmicky. I can’t get into it.

          • espyy

            Well, Tyle is 22 and he is one of the most versatil Mc right now. He can rap, produce and he is director too.

  • Guest

    Soul been on his feature grind lately….and its solid.

  • LXRD

    This shocked the shit outta me. Not the Ab-Soul feature but the Lupe Fiasco track on 2DBZ O.O Shake, what made the change of heart

  • 2dope4nope

    Dope. And I hope and I mean I hope Soulo gets the extra push and shine for his album, hate to say it but that mass commercial success!

  • 2dope4nope

    But whatever it is I know the nigga will keep it real. From Inglewood to Carson whaaat up!

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .
  • The TDE dickriding era can even get lupe on 2DBZ? The nut jocking is incredible

    • biff tannen

      Co sign

    • Johnny Boy

      So its dickriding if a Hip Hop site keeps posting material that Top Dawg keeps releasing? That’s what they’re supposed to do dumbfuck.

      • biff tannen

        No its dickriding if said hip hop site refuses to post dope music by a certain artist and then they suddenly change their policy all because TDE is featured. That is blatant dickriding.

  • ForeverWePush

    Soulo is an absolute killa! Can not wait for his project to drop!

  • Mez D

    I feel like Shake put a curse on Lupe lol I was disappointed when they stopped posting Lupe but then realized everything he put out after was weak

    • Goldberg brain

      FAL2 was dope, you crazy

    • biff tannen

      People sleep smh

    • datbul

      ‘Pound of Flesh’ was dope. And ‘Go To Sleep’ is one of the best Lupe songs of all time.

  • Lmao i felt this coming… the collab and the post to be exact lmao

  • wat

    Such a weak ass beat. Otherwise very dope long-awaited collab. Soul killed it.


      So did lupe

      • wat

        Didn’t say he didn’t. I just especially liked Soul

    • Saugdenstock

      oh so true. Beat is straight trash

    • biff tannen

      Ab got outshined by lu.

  • Shawn Muth


  • Your Best Friend

    WHAT IS THIS I SEE?!??! #2DopeBoyzProgressing

  • Pizza Steve

    This is crazy!

  • Chris Brown


  • Nasthegoat

    Lupe killed it..fucking triple-entendre!!! dude fucking insane! ab verse dope too

    • biff tannen

      I doubt most of the listeners who clicked play based on the ab soul feature understand or even caught the genius of lupe’s wordplay and double entendres. Lu absolutely killed this.

  • wealthistheword

    now all we need is some Odd Future new new… no but foreal, way to put the pride aside for the love of quality music. this is flame

  • biff tannen

    Is this 2dbz taking the high road and ending the stupid feud with lu? Or an indication of how much they ride TDE’s nuts?


    Who cares, this track goes! Lu is so unappreciated.

    • Johnny Boy

      They can’t help that Top Dawg Entertainment keeps coming with material this year.

      • biff tannen

        What material are you talking about exactly? The mediocre ass oxymoron album? Or the snooze fest known as cilvia?

        • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

          Just because you didn’t like oxymoron doesn’t make it mediocre & just cause you’re not used to cilvia’s smooth, laid back production doesn’t make it boring.

          • biff tannen

            I’m not alone in not liking oxymoron and the production on cilvia was the best thing about that project. It was his rapping that put me to sleep. Get out ya feelings fam.


      No they’re just doing it b/c they stay on tde dick no matter what lol

      • biff tannen


  • Stevie Janowski

    Lupe gets himself on 2dopeboyz I’m just here like

  • cool track that beat not so

  • Matt Attak

    GREATNESS! It’s about time 2DB

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Well they couldn’t post it as unamed/censored ft ab-soul or sh*t like birdman lol and of course they love to highlight TDE wherever possible.

  • datbul

    I vote this should be the official end to the Lupe Embargo. Lol. Look at the comments section: Clearly the majority want to see Lupe return to 2DBz. Beef been dead anyway. It’s a new day.

  • The KZA

    Loopy Tabasco!
    That tag in the song is extremely annoying.

  • Freshsup

    This shit is too crazy. Had a feeling Lupe would reach out to Soul