Smoke DZA - Hearses f. Ab-Soul (prod. DJ Dahi)


What happens when the Kush Gawd connects with the Black Lip Pastor? This track from Smoke DZA's Dream.ZONE.Achieve, which will drop on April 1st.

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  • drunkbear

    This is hot. Now where's that 'dope' button.......

  • BoRed

    Dope, both killed it and Dahi keeps bringin the heat

  • One

    Soul....never disappoints in Features

    • malcyvelli

      eh, wouldnt go that far, it's always worth a listen though

  • cornmeal

    Dope track.. Hook sounds too much like "I'm givin out herpessss" lol...

    • rendawggg

      Sounds like the hook from that common joint, cut from a different cloth

      • "Cut From a Different Cloth" is Joe Budden's song.
        Common & Ab's collab is called "Made in Black America".

  • Mez D

    I'm not really a fan of DZA

  • bodiddlywiddly

    Hell yeah im diggin this tune on soul's part, not a big DZA fan tho....

  • aboynamedandy


  • Your Best Friend


  • Jungz

    Soul runnin around stompin on everybody features. He gearin up.. love how TDE is working their artists

  • Aggy

    Dahi has been on fire the last few years