‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ (Trailer)

blame it on Meka March 4, 2014

Arkham Asylum was great. Arkham City was dope. Arkham Origins (well, at least what I’ve ran through so far) was just okay. The final installment in Batman’s Arkham series will not only debut this year on the next-generation consoles but the Batmobile will make its first appearance in the series. I’m a bit skeptical on the whole thing, because Origins promised to be great and it was nothing more than a rehash of its predecessor. But then again, i’m not a video game reviewer so I’ll just have to wait and see when this comes later this year.

  • Crystalweed

    this shit is fire!

  • biff tannen

    Arkham origins was meh. Hopefully this is better.

    • the fight with deathstroke was one of the few highlights of the game.

      • biff tannen


      • Tyler Giering

        and I think I’m in the minority, but when it wasn’t crapping out on me, the multiplayer was a fun distraction.

  • Tyler Giering

    Origins was a different studio. The guys that did Asylum and City are back for this one.

    • FireMadeFlesh

      Yep, Rocksteady is back to kick ass & take names later. I had no intentions on buying the Xbox One, but if there was ever time for an upgrade, this is it!

      • Tyler Giering

        Yeah, on one hand I’m pissed I have to get a new console sooner than I wanted, but damn, if it isn’t gonna be worth it.

  • corpz

    I came.


    Kevin Conroy better be voicing Batman in this one!

    • Goldberg brain

      I was thinking Kevin Hart

    • FireMadeFlesh

      He is. Kevin let the cat outta the bag at a Dallas Comic Con before Origins‘ release, so fans thought he was voicing Bruce in that one, but in his words, this is “the next Arkham game” he was involved with for “the past nine or ten months.” Unless something fell through with his contract, this is the one. Plus, you can’t do the supposed “final game” in the series without him. Fans would riot. (me included)

  • Grimzz

    My nigga…

  • Guest

    Not to be “that guy” Meka but uh…the Batmobile was in the very first game. It’s how you took out Bane, remember? lol

    EDIT: Unless you mean it’s drivable now, then yeah…

    • Tyler Giering

      Yeah, you get to drive it. Plus, we got a whole “city under siege” thing going on so I’m sure that’s why it looks the way it does.

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    The batmobile is drivable in this game and this game will be better. Rocksteady was the game developer that made Asylum and City. Warner Brothers Montreal made Origins likely as a cash-in while Arkham worked on the true sequel, that’s why Origins wasn’t as good.

    • Tyler Giering

      too true. and see, I LIKED Origins, but it didn’t wow me like AA and AC.


    The Last BANG!

  • fonzo517

    I never got around to playing origins but from what you guys are sayin I might just chill and wait till this comes out…or until origins drops down significantly in price

    • Shawn Muth

      same here. I never heard good things about origins so it never compelled me to play it. Ill just wait for this to come out.

  • Shawn Muth