Chamillionaire - I Know You See It


New Chamillionaire off Rapid Ric and Trakksounds' new Intervention Episode 2 compilation.

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  • Feat. God

    First Go Getta now I Know You See It, why Cham taking the names of mid 2000s rap songs?

  • Your Best Friend


  • AARON B.


    • Julio Torres

  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    Song is too smooth, can ride and just chill to this song, poison coming soon

  • Julio Torres

    This song i bet sounds real nice in my car haha, song is real smooth

  • Eden O.

    the hook is AMAZING... gonna put it in my driving around playlist

  • Stephen T.

    dope! only cham can do hard track like go getta and slow it down 24hrs later with this!

  • xx601_Boyxx

    im feeling it....good lyrics, hook, and got a nice vibe to it...

  • Tino

    Muhh fuggin Koopa done did it again! this joint is is that groove, Cham is silky smooth with the hooks, and been had bars. Definitely ridin to this shit.

  • Brian Cockrell

    Keep'em coming Koopa

  • fonzo517

    man I was just listenin to the old color changing click freestyles the other day too. dope shit

  • Jon Scattaregia

    Not a bad song from Cham.

  • 2 songs back to back!! Dope!! So smooth!

  • Pizza Steve


  • Alex Godoy

    man between this and Go Getta we got two bangers! few more and we'd have an EP of bangers!


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