• wat

    He should do movies more often.

    • datbul

      We'll see. I think the full film needs to be digested before evaluating his acting ability.

      • wat

        I don't specifically mean based off this clip. I just think he'd be a popular actor if he did movies more often, plus I liked him in some of the movies he's been in.

        • datbul

          I dig.

      • lol nope!

        This aint the first film he been in......

      • wikig1itch

        Reviews say he's great in this

  • Goldberg brain

    Look's cool....i'll be checking for it

  • wikig1itch

    This film got great reviews at it's World premier at TIFF last year, should be dope.

  • fonzo517

    wow he actually does look like him, definitely gonna check it out when it drops

  • MidWestFlyest

    Damn he looks and sounds just like Jimi, check out some old interviews if you don't believe me. It's weird, the minute he opened his mouth I almost forgot it was 3 stacks for a second.

  • jizzle

    I dont know if he's fuckin wit Wood Harris's role as Jimi back in the day.....he gotta come wit it!

  • Monroemarley

    Not that I don't think the acting will be great but in all honesty how am I supposed to want to watch a biopic about a musician that has NONE of that musicians music in it? Not a jab or anything but it just seems wild as fuck

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/devlinralph/ Devlin Ralph

    I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, it was fantastic! Definitely worth checking out.