Consequence - Superman Lover


Featuring Company of Greatness (which consists of Brother Num, Jus Raro, Dave Doo-So and David Matin), Consequence makes his return with "Superman Lover." Co-produced by Cons and David Matin, the new song can be heard below.

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  • alex hewson

    he better have got redman's expressed written permission to make this.

    • corpz

      and even if he did, this is nowhere near as good as the worst part of Red's Soopaman Luva smh

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    This fucking loser..

    • melmaddox

      Why the hate?

  • Pizza Steve

    Yall niggas hate too dam much. This song is iight nothing special but dam I just had to address the constant hate.

    • corpz

      if i dont like it, i dont like it. dont mean that im hating.

      • Pizza Steve

        I didn't specify one person in general, im talking as a whole. People on here constantly hating on dude even if the song is dope.

  • jizzle

    Produced by Cons + David Matin????? (Pharrell like "huh??")


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