KiD CuDi On Chelsea Lately

blame it on Shake March 5, 2014

With his new album Satellite Flight: Journey to Mother Moon in stores now and Need For Speed hitting theaters this Friday, KiD CuDi sat down with Chelsea Handler guest host Gabourey Sidibe on last night’s episode of Chelsea Lately. During the time on air, CuDi speaks on his beginning in music, the inspiration behind “Day N Nite” and more.

  • Great interview SMH

  • Prince Akeem

    Chelsea lately trying to make up for her racist tweets on oscar night by getting the blackest girl she knows to guest host. still a racist bitch. but you black niggas are too thirsty and worship white women

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      It goes both ways, there are too many Blacks cowing up period. It’s like the old saying goes, if you do not know you’re history you are bound to repeat it.

      • Prince Akeem

        i think there’s just a lack of dignity in alot of people. if someone is blatantly racist towards my race im not going to go on their show just to save their image

  • Prince Akeem

    man she needs to stop snorting when she laughs. she’s a great host though

    • Your Best Friend

      You consider that a “great host?” That annoying laugh and prewritten questions with fake and patronizing comments after his responses?

      • Prince Akeem

        she is quick witted and good at improvisation. great for the standards of a guest host

  • Saugdenstock

    Cudi looks… strange ? I mean his face is funny, has he got even more skinny ? I

    • Mez D

      Yeah he looks weird I don’t think he’s ever shaved either lol

      • Saugdenstock

        that might be it, I forgot he used to have some stubble/beard

        • dude got those fake teeth that j. cole refused and now he looks bizarre to me

  • Ben Harper

    Ugh, bitch find a treadmill.