• zamieo

    This was dope. Salute!

  • xastey

    I was there when the black-hippy stuff went down. still have the shirt I got signed by all of the artists (shake and meka too) that came through. Good times.

  • StudentOfTheGame

    LMAO! ITS 2DOPEBOYZ FAULT PUFFY COULDNT LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!! anyways this shit was funny. Good story

  • Tino

    Hahahahahahaha great story meka.

  • Cellis

    Fucking awesome read

  • unkleluc


  • El Prez

    Hahaha all this is true... That year was awesome.... The west coast after parties were the shit tho!

  • Black

    great read,waiting on that Big Sean story from Toronto

  • Ye Kane

    What is this song again played throughout the video?

  • leutrim

    Annnnndddddddddd this is why I go to 2dopeboyz before any other site and have done so since 2008

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    I was there too. That was crazy/ a bummer because i was stoked to see Kendrick as I had been jamming the fuck out of OD. I remember that some time needed filling after TDE got tossed, so Trae the Truth and Freeway both randomly came out of the crowd to rock the stage for a minute. It was cool.

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      Unless they were the special guests, but I like my version better.

      • shake

        Nah you're correct. Trae and Freezer came through in the clutch!

  • Djmanny2k

    Still have the tape

  • Mikezee

    LOL!! Great story . 2DBZ is with the shit.

  • ivanibarra

    I remember that bouncer having issues with backpacks and having Nathan tell him to let me and my friends in.

  • Latrell James

    This story is hilarious