• DJ Daz-One

    Ummmmm, not feeling it.

  • Chris Brown

    too much expectations bcuz the featurings......but this song is shit......nah..

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    This is SHIT

  • http://www.SkeezusChrist.tumblr.com Reekskeezy

    This was a Pusha throw away, I'm sure of it... I'm glad he threw it away

    • shake

      Yeah, so... Pusha T is not featured on this song haha.

  • shake

    Obviously the kid put up some MOOLAH for everything. And it shows with the music...

  • wat

    I hate when no names get notable beats/features. You should have to work for a Fab feature and ESPECIALLY a Pharrell beat. And he wasted both. This is terrible.

  • Thank Me

    This is horrendous. He broke the bank for this and got a shit verse from Fab.

  • Youdontknowus?

    This is going to be so simple.

  • omgitsjg

    As a mexican, this dude makes me cringe

  • That fact guy

    So......he's signed to Atlantic....

  • Your Best Friend

    no, just no.

  • Luis Rosas

    beat is dope but not the rappin part