• PatrickBateman

    Plan to attend their show in Philly. Autograph would be dope for the collection.

    • roflcopter

      Dont count on it. I've seen them live 4 times and they're absolute dicks. They've come atleast 2 hours late to the show, only performed for about 30-45 mins, and left immediately after.

      • bkstyl

        I saw them twice...Once with Biggie in 1995 and again at the family values tour. Both times they were in the crowd before/after they performed.

  • http://www.SkeezusChrist.tumblr.com Reekskeezy

    I heard all them some called "vaulted" joints smdh... Still gonna grab to have em all in CDQ

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      us blog nerds will of, not everyone

      • Dumb B*tch Smakka

        "will of"?
        U fuckin' idiot ass dumb nuts, it's "would've" as in "would have"
        Learn to write... lol

  • rolldatbud420

    get it forever with nas is old, but album still gonna be ill

  • jordan

    out of all the rappers....french montana? really?

  • Ant-‘Lo

    I was hoping Havoc produced the Lox joint... On some real dark shit. On some "Killaz Theme" shit. And was also hoping the original version of "Crime Connection" with the Godfather sample would be on there too.

  • Kev

    I'm hyped as fuck. The original Infamous is my favorite NY album from that era. Infamous & Hell on Earth are the epitome of the gritty hardcore NY Hip Hop from the 90's. Havoc took influence from the grimey RZA beats & took it to another level.

  • who cares

    Not excited about the Snoop (dude lost me a few years back), French, or Juicy J features, but everything else looks pretty solid.