Rick Ross, Kanye West & Big Sean Perform “Sanctified” On ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

blame it on Shake March 6, 2014

Arsenio called in the big guns as Rick Ross was joined by Kanye West and Big Sean as the evening’s musical guests on his late night talk show. Together on stage, the trio performed “Sanctified” off Ross’ new album Mastermind. Check it out up top.

  • thatrandomguy

    Cool, but the band was kinda lacking. I guess i just prefer the original instrumentals.

    • wat

      The Roots would’ve killed it

      • thatrandomguy


  • thatrandomguy

    ..and Kanye doesn’t give a fuck about censoring his verse. lol

  • I mean, they shouldn’t show all that! That’s like the smoke and mirrors. :/

    • Frank Kennedy

      What is it?

      • Damascus

        a teleprompter.

    • Luke Foord

      Rozay wears his glasses so we can’t see his eyes looking down

    • Maison Margiela The 23rd

      Fun Fact all night shows do that

  • MrDRiceJr

    The band sounded really low and a little slower than the original tempo. Should have rapped to the original track

    • Luke Foord

      Would have loved Roots on this

  • ThomasKWelker

    I usually hate live performances on blogs but this is pretty dope

    • Chris Brown

      live performances on blogs¿

      • ThomasKWelker

        Like the taping of a live performance. I’d much rather hear mixed tracks if I’m not actually there

  • Damien West

    The crowd got live when Ye came out lol

  • Chris Brown

    the awkward moment when a nobody at 0:58 claims “biggest album of the year” [smh..] and thereby rick ross get the show stolen by the G.O.O.D. rapper and especially by the GOD rapper

  • Maison Margiela The 23rd

    Great performance…..Big Sean Mic got cut off at the end lol FUNNY