Lil Wayne – Moment [Full/CDQ]

blame it on Meka March 7, 2014

A snippet of this track floated throughout the Internets earlier this week, now one of the few Wayne contributions to the YMCMB compilation Rise Of An Empire has been unleashed tonight.

  • Joe Dirt


    • Chris Brown

      this shit is the best song ever imma puff like 7856 blunts to it I swear amazing…


    Man, Wayne actually steppin it up this year

    • Dat nigga

      Yup. Since dedication 4/5

  • Pasm

    Pure scat. Mix is rubbish too.
    He says “Can’t remember my last drought” – that’s because you’re in the middle of it. Can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • datbul

      I’m DYIN’!!! LOOOOOOOL.

  • That Boy Dex

    This is actually decent. I’m shocked

  • youhighbro

    this is mixtape worthy but album worthy nah ( its “or nah” :) for both if this was the old weezy but nowadays… ) especially when lil wayne is the one who should be holding this compilation down. Kinda surprised too on a side note that paris didnt sleep her way onto this compilation lulz.

  • Guest

    “This that Carter 4”


    its too little too late for wayne. I just dont care about him anymore and this compilation album is gonna flop so badly

    • Mac Dre

      I’ve been done with Wayne for everything since No Ceilings, but I’ve gotta say his 2014 output of features and songs has been decent.

      • we’ll see doe

        i have a feeling this album can be as good as no ceilings! my niga. he’s rappin like that here. wooh! (the world needs good wayne)

  • Arun Gopal

    The production is dope, anyone know the producer?

    • Chris Brown


      • DemSour

        my guess as well

    • Robb

      na, its Lee On The Beats behind this masterpiece

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    The Carter 3.5

  • Dat nigga

    Shit bang. Where that carter 5

  • Chosen One

    Flow is garbage.
    Lyrics are garbage.
    Production is… OK.

  • shoe

    but then again maybe She Will…

  • Maison Margiela The 23rd

    Wayne had actual good verses on Dedication 5,

    I will admit he’s not half as good as he once though,

    Like his verse on “Ignant Shit” with Drake from So Far Gone still a fav,

    But I still have hope for Wayne…Rich As Fuck was lyrically slick also,

    I’ll tune it for sure

  • chef

    i compare wayne’s consistency to that of mike vick… except injuries are drugged out pussy rants

    • chef

      that being said this is just another flash in the pan of what was once almost a great career.. if he has one more album 3/4 the quality of carter III (not likely, and thats not even a top five wayne project) and an album’s worth of songs like this with lebron james like efficiency he might be able to salvage a top 10 spot in the best rappers since he dropped carter I… if you’re talking purely influence thats a whole other story

  • illsupra


  • malcyvelli

    This is definitely catching hate undeservedly, it’s actually a good version of wayne on this and I’ll bet money that 5 years ago you’d be bumping this shit like it was crack but now it’s cool to hate wayne so you wanna bandwagon that whole deal, this is a decent song overall and a good song for wayne, end of story, if you don’t fuck with this then you never really fucked with dude from the jump so why’re you even wasting your time commenting on this, I give the track 7.5/10

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      I agree, the same Stan haters are Kendrick fans, years ago they would be calling Kendrick ass and touting up Lil Wayne. Hip-Hop is more about the trend and not the music anymore.

  • codeboi

    All this hating.. Lol hip hop is so “what have you done for me lately” be thankful for the good music and run that this guy did give you. Wayne had the whole world on lock and gave some of the most consistent and hottest verses in music. Nobody hustled as hard for y’all damn respect as dude did. Even if he is on the way out he gave you more moments in rap than these flash in the pan ass rappers you hearing now. Truth be told his verse on Thug Cry from Mastermind and this record were decent.

    • malcyvelli

      hear hear

  • y2theoda

    got dam Weezy back on his grizzy

  • Da3rdMan

    This reminds me of what he used to be.



  • SleepyTheGreat

    Okay…..This is The Wayne That Took Over 04′-09′

  • Future Drake
  • Future Drake

    lil wayne moment v=EbX_4VXtybY