Big K.R.I.T. – Steps f. Big SANT & Smoke DZA

blame it on Shake March 8, 2014

Following a work-week’s worth of music, Big K.R.I.T. continues his #WeekofKRIT series into the weekend with the release of “Steps” featuring Big SANT and Smoke DZA.

  • DJ Lawless One™

    The hook seems out of place….

    but when KRIT started his verse the beat died.

    He killed it as usual. KRIT is the new king of the new class…. sorry Kendrick.

    • Ill Son

      I’m sry, KRIT still needs a cohesive project that needs to reach GKMC standards or surpass it. His debut wasn’t as huge nor as great, as expected. Especially before the album, the mixtapes he released were better than his mainstream release. But, this EP he released shows a promising future for his sophomore release.

      • Joey Loreti

        Cohesion is a rare art form in the industry today as far as projects are concerned. KRIT only works for coherency within one song itself (i.e.-“American Rapstar). It’s also not the mark of a good artist today. The specific goals of any individual are different and their ability is judged on how well they accomplish those goals. In GKMC, set out to tell the hardships of the hood struggle while intertwining his own experiences. To that end, he killed it. It’s an improper endeavor to evaluate KRIT through that lens

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        I know this project that is coming up will set a bench for him. To be honest despite how GKMC was being hyped by everybody, his best project by far is Section 80. Krit has made some of the best music in years , his debut was not bad like people are making it out to be.

  • MidKnightMaRawder


  • 2dope4nope

    Too dope. I need another “my sub” (the first) again and a “if I fall.” I hope there’s a date round May.

    • Why would you need him to make songs he already made again? Those songs are great don’t get me wrong.

      • 2dope4nope

        It’s like movies mane sequels are quite better, though he dropped that “My Sub 2” which was meh, but a “If I Fall” being another female vocalist mmhmm. Like I look at “Vent” w/ “Multi Till the Sun Die” as a pt2 so a “My Sub” on some menage a trois,w/ just the right amp hit like his first. I’ll gladly take some 2-3 installments of the tracks, but rightly so just depends!

        • I don’t agree but fair enough, I can’t blame you for wanting more good music.
          Also, movie sequels are almost never better than the original.

  • Dave

    Krit will go down as one of the most underrated artist

  • julzthe49ersfan

    Holy fuck this beat is bananas!! people sleeping on KRIT man!

  • SonSon

    rick james sample flipped meaaan