Marsha Ambrosius – FVCK&LOVE (FreEP)

blame it on JES7 March 8, 2014

We haven’t heard from Marsha since she dropped off the visuals for “Stronger Than Pride” back on Valentine’s Day. Today, she surprises fans by releasing this six-song EP titled FVCK&LOVE. Stream/download it below.

  • lar$

    why is it more acceptable for singers to not write their own lyrics as oppose to rappers?

    • williamsdv1017

      It takes more talent and work to project vocally then it does to recite a rap. Not saying it’s easy to spit on point 100% of the time, but to just spit something someone else wrote is a task someone like me can do right now. Singing, on the other hand, is not.

      • lar$

        so because its harder to sing, we accept they dont have to write for themselves? i just wanna understand the consensus on it.

        • williamsdv1017

          lets put it this way: some singers are really good singers, and can’t write well. they are separate talents, so if they lack one, they shouldn’t have to shelve their voices because of it. Writers can aid in that (this also goes the other way around, some songwriters are really talented, but can’t sing, so what are they to do, ya know?). With rapping, writing is your voice. Your words are what you are their for, not the way you say it (though sometimes that can add to it). If that were the case, anyone could be a rapper. It’s not necessarily the fact that it is harder, but it is the fact that in a writer singer relationship, there is a shared and equal amount of skill and talent, as where in a writer, rapper relationship, the vocalist doesn’t have to have much talent at all aside from the way he says it, something that most people can do anyway. That better?

          • lar$


    • The funny thing is Marsha is a talented songwriter in her own right. She wrote Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies” along with writing credits for Angie Stone, Alicia Keys and others.

    • Guest

      its not. there is no excuse. every up and coming singer i know writes their own stuff. these pop singer stars are selling an image not talent. they are spoiled and probably havent written a song in years. they just do promo and sell their image.

  • Prince Akeem

    i think she cant sing at all tbh. horrible voice

    • One

      Really…horrible voice? Smh, nice try though

      • Prince Akeem

        relax its just my opinion. and yes. everything ive heard from her solo is bad. especially her chorus on kanye’s song “the one”

  • Pasm

    Best female voice in the game. Love her work with Just Blaze in particular.