Where Were You When You Learned of Biggie’s Death?

blame it on JES7 March 9, 2014

We lost one of our greatest emcees seventeen years ago to the day. If Biggie were still alive, he’d have been 42 years old, and who knows where the state of Hip-Hop would have been.

For those old enough to remember, where were you when you learned of Biggie’s death? Do you remember where you were and how you reacted? Personally, I vaguely recall (because, you know, drugs) learning about Biggie passing the day after, which was a Monday and a school day. I do remember that at the time, I was a junior in high school, attending an alternative learning center called “Highcore Program” in an attempt to catch up on missing credits so I’d be able to graduate on time.

Heavy D – A Buncha N*ggas f. Guru, Biggie, Third Eye, Rob-O & Busta Rhymes

I learned of the news from a friend at our old spot where we all used to converge before school started: in front of a Dairy Queen on California Ave. in Wahiawa. He’d learned about the news from our local radio station’s morning show, and we were completely speechless. This was at a time when the internet was a very rare commodity, especially in Hawaii, so we didn’t have that same instant access to learn all the details immediately.

Instead, we’d gradually learn about the events, and the ensuing chaos that followed, through MTV News (Kurt Loder and Serena Altschul, anyone?) and by way of magazines like The Source & Rolling Stone, piecing everything together over time. It was a bit overwhelming as Biggie’s untimely passing followed not too long after Pac’s, and happened smack dab in the middle of the East Coast/West Coast beef.

Da Brat – Da B Side f. Biggie

Biggie – The What f. Method Man

Although he may be gone physically, Big’s legacy still reigns supreme through artists and friends like The LOX, JAY Z, DJ Premier and a host of others.

Red Hot Lover Tone – 4 My Peeps (Buckwild Mix) f. Biggie, M.O.P. & Prince Po

  • Motion Fiction Media

    I was in Chicago not getting killed.

  • Mitch

    I wasn’t even a year old yet, so I didn’t really know who Biggie was for another 10 years. It’s amazing how the music of legends lives on though. Sure, I wish I had lived in that era where Bad Boy & Death Row were running it, but because of how great the music was, I was able to find it and experience that era later on in my life. Hopefully if I have children I’ll be able to introduce them to the music I chose to grow up on instead of the crap being played on the radio.

    R.I.P. to a legend. They really don’t make them like this anymore…

  • Y.O.

    i can’t remember what i was doing last year

  • Kev

    I was 6 years old so it didn’t impact me as much. But I remember my older sister & her friends being really shocked & sad about it. It didn’t affect me personally as much, but I definitely understood that it was a tragic event. As I grew older & learned more about Hip Hop, I realized that he was a music icon and that’s when it hit me. R.I.P. to Brooklyn’s finest…

    “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase SKY’S THE LIMIT”

  • Ohms

    I was a sophmore. 1st period waiting for class to start. Trying NOT to get beat up by low IQ hawaiians. lol

    R.I.P. BIGGIE!!!

  • Julien A. Edwards

    I was spending the night at my cousin house while my mom did interviews at the party that Biggie got shot at

  • Y-Rap

    It was odd with me, you see, I didn’t even realize he was gone until months later. I was 7 years old and I remember having an arguement with my cousin about it after watching the Sky is the Limit video. Funnily enough it was because I was saw an MTV News report talking about Life After Death coming out so I obviously thought he was still alive. I didn’t know a thing about BIG at the time except for hearing parts of Ready to Die throughout my childhood but after the album came out that’s all I heard for a while in the stereos. #RIPBIG The Emcees will keep the legacy moving no doubt.

  • ok

    i dont get why u are talking about high school credits n shit

  • Sfuse

    i had worked the overnight shift and when i got home in the morning about 9 my answering machine (YES! i’m THAT OLD) was flashing 9 messages. When I played them back everyone was telling me BIG had died. I grew up down the block on Saint James & when he first came out my cousin who knew him said “Biggie Smalls? thsts FAT CHRIS” LOL R.I.P. Biggie

  • anjt

    i was 3 years old so i barely knew any music lol. come to find out 10 years later he was one of those legends that i didn’t get to know while growing up. rest in peace and thanks for the art you left for us.

  • DJ Daz-One

    I was at home watching a program on MTV when it cut away to a breaking news exclusive that he had been shot (and ultimately died) My world just stopped. I say he’s truly not the greatest rapper of all time but he is an influential part of hip hop.

  • Starks

    how can you classify B.I.G as the greatest of all time with his music catalog?

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      both his albums he dropped were classics and nobody had a better flow than biggie and had the clever lyrics to go with it.

      • Starks

        And? He has a small music catolog. He can’t be considered a GOAT and I don’t know why people constantly put him on that pedestal. HE DROPPED TWO ALBUMS. Opposed to people like Jay-Z that dropped 11 solo studio albums that were all either solid or classic.

        • Cam TexasBoy Perry

          If we are arguing Hov and Biggie. Biggie is the better rapper. The only album he has that touches either of B.I.G’s is Reasonable Doubt. I never really was a fan of Hov’s flow so Biggie got him there. Even lyrically Biggie washes him. My top 2 is Biggie and Nas.

          • Starks

            Are you being serious right now? Lol I’m not going to continue with this discussion.

          • Cam TexasBoy Perry

            dead ass serious. think of it like this. you could still play most of biggie’s music today and it still holds up pretty well while most albums that dropped in the 90s and even early 00’s sound dated.

          • roflcopter

            Big shits on jay. How can you even say that all of Jay’s albums were solid or classic? Jay-Z sold out as his career progressed. Reasonable Doubt, Kingdom Come, The Blueprint Vol. 1 were his best albums. Ready to Die is definitely better than any of Jay’s albums man. You trippin.

          • anjt

            BIG would’ve sold out as well homie. Hypnotize and them shits were going massively into the pop direction. BIGs advantage is we never saw him go commercial.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      The same way some fuck boys classify Em as the greatest with the catalog he has, although Biggie gave more too the culture and was undoubtedly a lyricist to be reckoned with.

  • Lunibin510

    Sittin on the porch at my homeboy’s crib, shit came on the radio. It’s funny tho because I had called it. Biggie was on the radio talking a little reckless and did his “…Nobody…” verse taking shots at Pac as he rested, every nigga in every hood in Cali heard it or heard about it, I knew he was done. Can’t feel bad for him tho, he knew what he was doing. What makes it even more funny is to find out that 40 already let him off with a warning before that, just for talking slick about rappers who were ALIVE he was about to lose his life, you would think he’d know better. Oh well… Chalk it up.

  • peaceofpi

    How many more years will it be before people can let it go? At this rate, Big and Pac will probably outlive Michael Jackson.

  • DC King Of Hearts

    My mom told me about it.

    We had just got done talking about 2Pac’s death actually, the day before. Then, BIG died

    2nd grade sucked for this Hip Hop Head

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  • Rico

    I remember waking up that Sunday morning, and going about my day. I had a 3 month old daughter at the time, so my attention was on her all day. I happened to turn on the TV that night and it was all over BET. Cant say I was shocked, as Pac had been killed months earlier, but I knew it was a possibility. What I also remember was the ignorant comments made by some Pac fans saying “Im glad they got him”. At the end of the day, these are still human beings. Sad, all the way around.
    I also vividly remember being in NY the week after Pac was shot. They were playing general music, and all of a sudden the music slowed to a stop. You hear a woman in the background crying, and a voice says “He’s gone yall”. Cant remember if it was Flex or Red Alert who was on that evening.

  • I was bumpin Pac

  • Rico

    …was at my mans crib (first dude out of all us that had his first crib) with the bathroom studio and after pulling the the reg all nighter wit 40’s (yes 40’s) and L’s i remember being waken up in the living room and watching NY1 report it. not devastated but def saddened