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  • Mike Gaines


  • Freshsup

    I think it's safe to say Alchemist has a spot in the top 5 or 6 hip hop producers ever to do it...
    Organized Noize
    Pete Rock
    9th, ANT, Kno, Timbo I guess but Alchemist is in my personal top 5

    • Your Best Friend

      For sure

    • wat

      Why do The Neptunes get overlooked? Is it because they're a duo?

      • Freshsup

        I give the Neptunes a lot of credit, definitely changed a lot of sounds in hip hop. I'm personally more of a soul/raw beat type of dude but they've done a bit of that too. Can't knock that Neptune sound, I'd say top 10 easy.

        • wat

          Word. And their list of hit records is through the roof and STILL climbing years later

  • Freshsup

    I forgot RZA haha, had to come back

  • Gatzby Gordon

    damn alc gets down with these themed compilations, russian roulette is a work of art, i already know alc is gonna come correct with some christian/religious samples for this one.