Snoop Dogg - Gangstas Don't Live That Long (Video)

Watch the second clip off Snoop Dogg's That's My Work 3 mixtape, hosted by DJ Drama, available now.

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  • DatN-word

    Been bumping this song for years. Crazy it took him so long to put it out.

    • BCE

      The tape dropped this year.. You don't got to lie to kick it homie.

      • DatN-word

        Search 'Snoop - Long Gone' Then search 'Snoop - Unreleased Heat Rocks' and look at what year that shit came out. 2007.

        Yeah, nigga. Don't tell me shit. Like I said, I been playing this for years. And I got a lot more unreleased shit of Snoops too.

        • BCE

          rereleased tight tight, relax I was just laying it in ha.

        • Pasmy

          Wild emotions

  • Jason L

    Snoop gets mad love no doubt, but I feel like he doesn't get the respect he deserves as an MC. He's easily one of the top 50 emcees of all time. 50 may seem like a big number but just think of all emcees to ever sock a mic, dude deserves more recognition


Rittz - "My Window"

I, for one, can't wait for the Strange Music signee's Top Of The Line.

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