Noisey Presents: Welcome to Chiraq pt.8

blame it on Illy March 12, 2014

In our final episode of Chiraq, we discover what the Nation Of Islam thinks about the Chiraq phenomena then finally get an audience in the court of Almighty Sosa, a.k.a. Chief Keef, a.k.a. young Keith Cozart. Filmed at his house in the suburbs of Chicago, Keef spends his time whipping donuts around the backyard on an ATV. There, we talk to the rapper and meet fellow GBE members who show us what happens when Sosa drops 10,000 dollars on paintball equipment.

  • ilamarca

    I’d like the 3 minutes of my life I spent skipping thru that video looking for something interesting, back. Thanks.

    • Oh shut the fuck up already, you wouldn’t have done anything worthwile in those 3 minutes anyway.

      • ball666

        du n me woulda porked ya fatass momma in 2mins. 1 min clean up. add that shit up.

  • fonzo517

    lmao this is basically just 15 mins of keef doing circles on an atv

  • malcyvelli

    SPOILER ALERT:This shit is not worth watching unless you wanna watch a dreaded nigga whip an atv and some hipster dude give narration in a nasally ass tone