'Bino offers up the previously unreleased "What Kind of Love" which is still unfinished bought was being sold on iTunes without his permission. Hear it below.


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  • Jay

    This song's been out for a minute

  • Santi961

    BOUGHT was being sold????????????????????????

  • Chuck E

    This is kinda like a remix/alternate version of Flight Of The Navigator.....kinda.

  • SpongeBoob

    Why chief keef tagged in this?

    • drewsmit24

      because 2dopeboyz is the Equal Opportunity site they want you to hear good music and shitty music

    • RTM

      Blame it on Illy...

    • Dennis Saucier

      chi- childish, chief keef. Someone was lazy and didn't look to see who was actually being tagged

  • Antonio Cisneros

    Shit's old son!

  • Jason L


  • Francis

    Frank NOcean