Kid Cudi Talks State of Hip Hop, Suicidal Thoughts, Surprise Album on ‘Arsenio’

blame it on Illy March 15, 2014

Kid Cudi joined Arsenio Hall to promote his new album, Satellite Flight, and new film, Need for Speed, and sat down with the late night talk show host legend to discuss the current state of hip-hop, suicidal thoughts, and his surprise album.

He also closed out the show performing “Internal Bleeding” off Satellite Flight which you can get on iTunes now.

  • Goldberg brain

    You gotta respect this guy

  • malcyvelli

    This dude is on his own dick so much it’s stupid

    • Skuuurrr

      You’re fucking retarded.

      • malcyvelli

        and with that being your deeply thought out argument it’s clear you’re a high school sophomore, it’s hilarious that you just eat this shit up

        • GAWDBODY

          suckle my sodding teets

        • speaking of deeply thought out arguments: “this dude is on his own dick so much it’s stupid” SMFH

          • malcyvelli

            It wasn’t an argument fuck boy, it was an opinion, learn the difference before you try to get in a discussion bruh

          • Sorry that english is not my first language.. but you’re still retarded

    • thatrandomguy


    • Damien West

      Since no one else is asking, how so?

      • malcyvelli

        At this point Kid Cudi is to hip hop as Katy Perry is to R&B then he wants to critique basically every other nigga in the game right now, hip hop is WORLDS better than what it was even 2 or 3 years ago and he still feels like he’s gotta throw salt like it still isn’t good enough, fuck that, in addition I’ve never had respect for homey really, seems like a douche on camera

        • Damien West

          I see your points especially the recent growth in hip-hop and the uprising of youthfulness from groups like Odd Future and Pro Era (2 VERY different groups) but Cudi has done his part in ushering that broader sound thanks to him messing around with EDM with Day N’ Nite and Pursuit of Happiness and his extreme vulnerability but that doesn’t mean he can shit on all the new guys. But with that said, he’s also a member of this community and if that’s how he feels, he can say so.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          I agree, Cudi does not make music that can top a lot of MC’s in the game now and then LOL. Only hipsters and idiots actually thought this dude was genre bending. I always thought he was a terrible lyricist and a tone-deaf singer.

          This dude was talking out of his mouth with that shit. I can name MC’s who makes music that is far superior to his own. Nigga’s always have to shit where they eat, no other man does this but nigga’s.

          • malcyvelli

            I like a few of dude’s tracks (and I men that literally) but I’ve always thought he was overrated from day 1, not a bad artist but I did not get the attraction, he’s a fucking diva bruh, he goes on a pretentious ass rant and then brings the attention to him instead of what he claims what his cause his in these clips, foh with all that noise bruh sounding like a dam snobby hipster


      sniff my own dick

  • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

    The interview portion was cool, although he didn’t shout out any new hip hop artists. That felt like shade. The performance wasn’t my shit either lol.

  • $nicka

    his music isnt really hip hop anymore its kinda own genre…i still dig it though

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .
    • modice

      I fuck with Sean Price’s music but for him to say some shit like that especially without any context is bullshit

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Sean Price is qualified after that SF album by Cudi was garbage. Plus Sean is a way better rapper than Cudi.


    MOTM 4 2015

  • Thank Me

    I’ve always respected Kid Cudi. In a world full of followers it’s always nice to see someone staying true to themselves

  • Charlie Van Horn

    Worst performance ever.

  • Rodney Mcclinton

    Mfs Gone Hate Regardless Kid Cudi Is Doing His Thing Iv’e Been A Fan Since A Kid Name Cudi I Will Never Stop Listening To His Music He Has His On Vibe

  • Pizza Steve

    CuDi is definitely winning