A$ton Matthews – Aston 3:16 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 16, 2014

Cali’s A$ton Matthews is back with his latest full-length projectComing in at 19-tracks, and artwork saluting Ice Cube’s classic Sophomore LP,  A$ton 3:16 boasts guest spots and production from Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, A$AP Ferg, Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, Evidence, Alchemist and much more. Stream/download below.

  • BLAKnoize

    Doooope… Been waiting on this for a minute. Happy Sunday!

  • leutrim

    He completely copied Ice Cube’s Death Certificate cover

    • That’s the point… It’s called an homage.

      • shake


      • leutrim

        There are good ways to do an homage (Like Focus’ homage series of songs), but what Aston does is just crass and has no artistry involved.

        • choppachoppa

          you’re ignorant.

          • leutrim

            Says the guy who’s name is choppachoppa…

          • choppachoppa

            what exactly about aston’s homage to death certificate is crass? and i’m gonna take a guess that you listen to “conscious rap”.

  • YES!!!!

  • FifthGod

    You gotta respect the effort that was put into this project. Peace to the West.

  • KUSH303

    Dope album, dope concept much love from the 303

  • Joe Dirt

    dude voice can get annoying

    • Trizzy


    • At first. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I had to get used to Chance and Young Thug.

      • Joe Dirt

        dont even mention young thug thoo hahaaa

    • Tdroe

      You know. At first i didn’t like him either. But he’s just different. People need to accept that. He raps about real shit and he’s dope as fuck.

  • Joe Dirt

    dope tho

  • Trizzy

    I wanted to like this, can’t. Not even the ALC track and those rarely disappoint. Something about him and Joey Fatts feels like they’re destined for mediocrity.

  • Ohms

    lo siento aston pero i’ma pass ese

  • Dave

    A really good project. I like how he added more to the songs he already released.

  • westcoastshit

    fuck this foo hes mexican and acts black and is a bitch ass slob