Jay Electronica – Better In Tune With the Infinite (Cookin Soul Remix)

blame it on JES7 March 16, 2014

The Rap World was taken aback Friday night when the ever elusive and über-recluse Jay Electronica decided to drop a brand new song off to the internets.

While the song is no doubt a soulful number, Cookin Soul felt it was lacking a few key essentials and decided to have a go at it, adding “some dope natural feel drums, some 808 bass, string hits, hihats, crash & all that good stuff…”

  • tictac

    This is unecessary

    • Tellmemane

      I agree this is terrible. No need for all this. was perfect as was. if this was original no way would have been near as good with the drums. why do they keep doing this to songs. STOP IT

  • leutrim

    Like, this isn’t bad per se, but it’s insulting that they are basically taking someone else’s song and telling them what they did wrong. It’d be cool if they completely remixed it and spun it in a different direction because then they’d be adding something new, but this makes them seem pedantic almost.

  • donnis

    better than original version, no long intro + drums

  • lar$

    if it aint broke dont fix it

  • nooooo

  • poetic assasin

    i like this – but the feel isn’t the same as the original – it just put you in another realm listening to it. With this one it makes me say “aiight nice song”

  • shake


  • I run Zamunda!

    For this, you should never ever, ever post anything from Cookin Soul again.

  • Ryuk918

    I really dig Cookin’ Soul and the work they do, but this was a misstep. The song hasnt even been out for two days. in my book this is the same thing as Emcees hopping all over the new song before it could even have life of its own (Control, Beamer Benz or Bently etc etc). Let it live.

  • Bil AL

    chill out everyone its just a remix some hit and some miss you emotional ass bitches

  • tdotperera

    I’m normally fan of their remixes but i’m just not feeling this one

  • jizzle

    Off a lil….

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    I like this better than the original, do not know what the fuck some people are saying, this is a jazz sounding cut SMH at lost nigga’s.