50 Cent – Don’t Worry Bout It f. Yo Gotti

blame it on Illy March 17, 2014

If you weren’t exactly feeling “Hold On,” don’t worry about it. 50 Cent recruits Yo Gotti on the first single off his upcoming album, Animal Ambition, out June 3. “Don’t Worry About It” will be available on iTunes tonight at midnight. UPDATE: CDQ added. Listen below and purchase the single on iTunes.

  • Guest

    skip to min 1:00

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    well that was unexpectedly bad

  • who cares

    The hell is this? Is this really what he decides to release after “Hold On” and “The Funeral”? smh C’mon 50.

  • espyy

    WTF is this shit man.

  • Goldberg brain

    I’m not excited for this album at all

  • Mitch

    He decided to release this track instead of that Smoke one produced by Dre? Come on Fif this is garbage…

  • JemPage

    I was kinda excited for this album before I heard this fuckery

  • Diii

    This is not the official release right? A lot of shit needs to get taken out before i will judge this one. I like the hook btw

  • bean

    I’ll wait for the CDQ without tags to pass judgement.

  • Damian Reynolds

    This shit is

  • Damian Reynolds

    Way to take your foot off the gas afther.hold on

  • biff tannen

    This pretty horrible.

  • How can I not worry if the tracks on the album are going to sound like this? ;-;

  • marty mcfly

    I know I said 50 should have some other songs other then just grimy shit on the album but this kinda bullshit is not what I had in mind. Unfortunately the “real hip hop heads” and hardcore rap purest dont matter anymore cause they not gonna support even if 50 made a classic. This kinda fuckery song will catch on with the kids and become just as hot as French Montana’s Aint Worried About Nothin, and thats why 50 released this weak shit.

    • John

      Nah he released it to see what the streets think. Stay tuned.

      • marty mcfly

        He knows what the streets think and for the most part a very simple, catchy, borderline wack record does well these days. Funeral and Hold On aint gonna pick up steam in the streets thats for sure. Its not that there bad records its your trying to sell adult conceptual material to kids who would rather not hear that shit. So you give them some simple abc, 123 type bullshit and let them rock with that. This is a formula that almost everyone in the hip hop culture is familiar with. If thats doesn’t work, then its time to create a beef so you can make a diss record and that should do the trick. Its either club record, simple chanting in a down south or robotic type way record or the cliche beef record. I mean you can disagree but go check with the people in your neighborhood and ask them how excited they are about a new 50 album. Chances are they really dont give a shit and thats way these kinda records get made. Not to connect with the streets but to connect with little kids (hopefully female) and the buzz will follow for there.

      • marty mcfly

        I mean, he could also just make a very good song thats sounds musically dope but then you’ll say its wack and he’s a sellout so that also leads to these type of artistic games that rappers play these days. Im not mad at 50 at all but I feel like the whole game owes 2 Chainz a check because most these rappers would have no hot records if they didnt take pieces of his style. Thats just honestly how I feel.

        • marty mcfly

          And of course with the 2 Chainz comment, im just speaking in general but it seems like before the mixtape from 2 Chainz, most the rappers were comfortable with they own styles. Once 2 Chainz came through, it was a whole bunch of style jumping and cadence switching going on across the board.

        • John

          I’m with you. No need to type essays. Basically what I meant was he knows what he’s doing. The game has changed, u just need an angle these days. The problem also is that people expect another Get Rich or Die Tryin. I Fuck wit Fif, even read his book. U just gotta remember that artists need an angle to sell outside of his base fans.

          • marty mcfly

            Ok if artists need an angle then so be it. Hope you like the song. As far as people expecting another GRODT? Thats impossible because that album was built on four things. 1 – getting shot 9 times and living (this is for the most part why people became very interested in 50 Cent), 2 – A beef with Ja Rule because people hated Ja Rule in 2003 so finding out that somebody else hated him too made people feel really good. 3 – Dr Dre, whenever Dr Dre’s name is mentioned then hype is sure to follow and 4 – 50s mixtape run but getting shot 9 times is the ultimate way to build your buzz LOL. So again if the game now is about finding an angle to toss some wack shit in the game and get poppin then so be it.

          • John

            I guess I misunderstood your comment or you misunderstood mine. I agree with you. This song is him probing. If it’s wack it’s wack, lesson learned. Why u think it was “leaked” to the radio the night before its official release.

  • John

    The beat is sick, hook is straight. Gotti was the right fit for this. The verses are Ehh. 50 just gettin warmed up.

    • youhighbro

      buck would have been a good fit too but fif was too laid back on this. If he spit like he did on the remix of riot would have been dope. But yeah the beat was dope the hook solid but not enough to save the rest of the song leaving it hot trash. :(

  • Bil AL

    This shit is catchy

    • David Richards

      this shit is fire after the funeral and hold on its a nice up-tempo track

      • David Richards

        and it still go hard

  • PV

    Am I really the only one in the c section who isn’t completely appalled by this?

  • Prince Akeem

    hopefully this puts a rest to the “50 is back” shit that pops up every 6 months. dude is done. he’ll never sell an album again out of fear of embarrassing himself sales wise. just release a song a week and make up some tired excuse

    • Pizza Steve

      You always on here hating dude. Could you shut up please? Just for us.. Would kindly appreciate it.

      • Prince Akeem

        who is “us” you poser. I get more likes on here than you so exactly what consensus are you referring to?. stop trying to sound like you represent anybody besides yourself and your gunit doo rag. and youre clearly the contarian regarding this song so maybe you should heed your own advice,

        • Pizza Steve

          Umm.. I could care less about getting “Likes” on here because I have a life hahahaha all I was saying is, most posts I see from you is mostly, you hating. Point blank & don’t front, I seen plenty of your posts on here where people was disagreeing with you. So your not as “like popular” than you think lol Oh yeah Pizza Steve stopped wearing doo rags because I always got Pizza sauce on them… Peace

          • Prince Akeem

            you say you dont care about likes yet here you are trying to falsely validate your own views by falsely applying them to a non existent consensus. who is “us”.

            people disagreeing with you is not hating. maybe you should make a g unit fan page where everyone agrees with you. clearly this is a touchy subject.

          • Pizza Steve

            Ok, let me go do that. Peace

          • Wolf Of Yall St

            Lmao way to end it

        • datbul

          “g-unit doo rag.’ i’m DYIN!!!!

  • Pizza Steve

    Uhh.. The album still seems like it’s gonna be dope. Ya’ll freaking out for no reason. Song is not that bad. No reason to take away from the other dope shit Fif been dropping.

  • factsonly

    50 please go sit down lol and yo gotti im disappointed in you for this you kinda had somethin going

  • Forti Fied

    This is kinda tight, so much hate. If you want the old fiddy go listen to him on his old albums.

  • Joe Grasse

    50 doesnt sound like hes got an animal ambition on this track

  • jordan

    hahahahhahahhaha change of hearth ass niggas

  • Ohms

    Pinche 50 centavos…nahhh

  • Donnie Genesis

    I don’t think this song is that horrible, it’s not as lyrical as hold on but I don’t think that was the intention. An album has to have some variety and this is only a slight miss in my opinion.

  • AlexFirth91

    Not bad, a good song for the pre-game.

  • Frank Kennedy

    I’ll be the first to point out when 50 puts out a shitty song. I don’t get the hate on this though. I was ready to click play and hate fuck the shit out of this song, but it’s actually not bad at first listen. Should get better. If anything the beat is a little redundant and the verses are pretty average, but the hook is cool. Isn’t that what 50 songs are known for? A 50
    Fan can get into this

  • Regan

    Don’t worry everyone, street king immortal is still going to come out after this album.

  • kermitdahustla


  • Ayman Ahmed

    Man I hope this is the worst song on the album because this is straight trash. Damn.

  • Y-Rap

    This should’ve been a Rhianna song.

  • Not that bad, I like it. This songs he is putting out are probably a bonus of the album.

  • jordan

    it was all good just a week ago

  • Jay Daniels

    This is definitely in the lane of g-units 2nd album but I definitely fuck with it. Buck would have been a nice feature. U ain’t gonna make a hit with Yo Gotti that’s for sure.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    This is not Album material

  • this is actually better than i thought lol.

  • Tyrone Hall

    This shit go HARD as FUCK!!! The element of surprise is a Muthafucka…Who would of thought Yo-Gotti and 50 would would do this? “DONT WORRY ABOUT IT!”