Crooked I - Not For The Weak Minded f. Snow Tha Product [CDQ]


Originally discovered on the SXEW Vol. 2 mixtape, one of the highlights from the project - a quick flurry of bars from Snow and Crook - is liberated of its tags and DJ adlibs.

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  • Big V

    DAMN SON !!! Those flows... I mean, that's really something, ain't it ?!

  • 2dope4nope

    Dope. Man I miss those HHW days and snow > iggy if you talking white girls ha

    • someguy

      snow isnt white though...

    • Tokyo Nomaku

      Snow isn't White. Haha

      • Pasmy

        2dope4nope: tail between legs

        • Tokyo Nomaku

          Yeah, I didn't make it up, bro.

  • Stevie Janowski

    Damn snow can hold her own, even with crooked spitting alongside

  • Woketek

    They killed this

  • Djmanny2k

    Snow Tho.. Wow

  • Will

    "The day your opinions can cut me a check, that'll be the day a I give a fuck what you think". Damn...

  • boxing101

    crooked i is one of the greatest been saying this for last 8 years and still line for line amazing while your fab mc sounds like he writer's block crooked i stilll amzing

  • who cares

    Whoa... I'm not usually a fan of female emcees, but Snow fucking went off! The production on this is insane too.



  • SleepyTheGreat

    Im on my third listen... this is raw


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