Stream Mara Hruby's 'Archaic Rapture' EP


Archaic Rapture is a journey through reality and a reflection of love lost. Mara Hruby has made it quite apparent that she displays her heart in such a fearless manner that you feel vulnerable by simply listening. Ms. Hruby's Archaic Rapture may be briefly defined by her heartbreak, but it bleeds deeper down into the details. "When you love a man for 3 years, and you abruptly find out that he cheated on you with 6 women, there are truly no words to describe the vast decent of your once full heart"-says Ms. Hruby. Her Sophomore EP overflows with pure emotion not to convey weakness, but to show strength in being honest with oneself. Step into the world of sleepless nights, painful goodbyes, faded pictures, powerful tears, realizations, and valuable lessons learned.

Sheesh. Needless to say, this is a great listen. Tracklist, and stream down bottom.

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  • boom shakka lakka

    Judging from that written piece, She sounds like Drake. Or Drake sounds like her.

  • boom shakka lakka

    This isn't bad though. If I ever get my heart broken, I know where to go.


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