• Blacc Jedi

    Surprised so many people enjoyed this album im passin..i dont like drake but i like some his music this dude jus crap all round IMO my nigga my nigga

    • factsonly

      nah idk this album is way better than i thought it would be and i hate that my nigga my nigga song. This is suprisingly good and very very wetcoast

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      If you listen to old NWA or West Coast G-Funk like Warren G and Snoop why not listen to this? it follows into that old vintage sound, but with a new spin. Anyway I do not see how you can call this garbage, because it sure as hell is not.

  • Dave

    This album is tough. Now this is how you make a quality gangsta album. Way better than Schoolboy Q album.

    • MusicHead

      This album is not better than Q's smh

      • Dave

        How is it not? Q album was good but it wasnt consistent through out. This was good from the beginning to the end. The skits was good, he stuck to his theme and executed it. Q may be the better artist but when it comes to the whole album I give it to YG.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          That is your opinion, you have to realize two different artist representing two different areas and sets. YG was more of that old West Coast G-Funk rap style.

          While Q pulls from other areas, but still presenting a West coast sounding album. Both IMO are very good, no need for useless competition.

        • MusicHead

          YG's album sounds all the same every song, like it's a good album but the type of music for majority is so forgettable, while Oxymoron has more of cohesiveness & storyline that actually keeps you in tune. I can't say a regular coo album better than a album that's dope musically & has a story line.

  • westcoastshit

    the west coast is back!! were running hip hop right now this album surprised the fuck out of me this and oxymoron are new west coast classics

  • LIV3

    yea this shit honestly surprised me.. its better than i thought it was gonna be

  • oooo

    biggest suprise of the year, album was fiyaaaaa

  • MusicHead

    check this out http://youtu.be/SU2beiPJr8U tho