Why YG’s ‘My Krazy Life’ Makes Total Sense In 2014

blame it on Meka March 19, 2014

So, yesterday I wrote this on the DopeHouse’s the Twitter account…


and per usual some random visitor on the site ranted on about about how because the album “isn’t hip-hop” because – in his opinion, of course – it has “wack bars” and that he didn’t “understand it.” Respectfully, I’ll have to say that not only was the retort completely out of tune with the original message, it seems as if the actual message of the tweet pretty much went over the head of the commenter (I’ll just ignore the whole “age” thing remark entirely). I’ll try to break it down as best as I can.

If you were born and raised in the Left Coast – particularly in Southern California – then you’ll know that the region has a distinct sound – like every other region, from Atlanta to Texas – that some outsiders may simply shrug off as either too “slow” or “wack” for their palate. YG* curated a sound for My Krazy Life to reflect growing up in SoCal, and the result is an album that, while it takes cues from the golden days of Left Coast rap (hell, who else do you know samples “Let’s Play House” by Tha Dogg Pound in 2014?), is tailored to match the current sounds of today. Thus, if you’re either A: not a fan of vintage, Left Coast rap from the 90s (which, coincidentally, YG makes a mention of in this interview for FADER above) or, B: are looking for something else in the album (like, say, bars like the random visitor), then you won’t “understand” why the album sounds the way it does to begin with.

But I digress.

YG’s My Krazy Life is available now on iTunes.

* – or, YG and those who worked with him on the album

  • three

    this is what a death row album would sound like in 2014

    • bingo.

    • MusicIsOpinion

      Couldn’t of said it better

    • James Stanford


    • leutrim

      Too bad Death Row made a lot of shit music in between the undeniable classics

  • Yeezus

    This album was the shit.

  • Boomer

    My Krazy Life was definitely a dope album that exceeded everyone’s expectations. It’s got a great west coast sound, but in my opinion, Oxymoron is way better. There’s no denying that almost every song on MKL was a banger, but theres no introspective songs what so ever. Oxymoron was the more complete album, with songs like Hoover Street, Blind Threats, and Break The Bank. If both albums would have had the same hype leading up to them, Oxymoron would get more love. Both are dope ass albums tho

    • Boomer

      I hate to be that guy to compare albums, but I’ve seen it on every review how MKL is on the same level or better than Oxymoron, I just wanted to put my two cents in before y’all start saying MKL was the superior album

      • three

        its probably because of dj mustard but mkl sounds way more cohesive and thought out. oxymoron had songs that didn’t fit like the purge and hell of a night. and i don’t think the order of the songs had a flow

        • CRsheehan

          I feel like the order of the songs didn’t flow either, it was terribly structured. I actually reordered it after many listens. Try it in this order someday and see if you think anything should be moved around, still looking to give it the best possible format… As a sidenote, I would never do this to an artist’s work, but I feel (and there are enough Q quotes floating around) that I can clearly hear Interscope’s interference in the creative process….


          Los Awesome
          His & Her Fiend
          Collard Greens
          WHat THey Want
          PusHa Man
          Yay Yay
          Hoover Street
          The Purge
          Grooveline Part 2
          Blind THreats
          Hell of a NigHt
          [Druggys WitH Hoes Trois]
          Break THe Bank
          Fuck LA
          Man of tHe Year

          Banger (MosHpit)

          • three

            i did the same thing! haha ill try yours. try mine tho too

            Fuck LA
            What they want
            Hoover st
            Grooveline 2
            blind threats
            pusha man (as an interlude)
            collard greens
            break the bank
            his and her friend (as a 2nd interlude)
            los awesome
            man of the year

            yay yay (as a bonus)

            i took out the purge and hell of a night because they just don’t fit the project

          • MewLover34

            So it’s the same exact order, just you mixed the bonus tracks throughout the project? idk man, its a better album at 12 songs than at 19, so that new order looks pretty awful.

      • hong

        the reason people say that mkl was superior is because its indeed better; trust your ears

    • Feat. God

      i think having the knowledge that YG actually spent 6 months in jail for a home burglary makes the album a lot more intriguing to listen to

    • biff tannen

      Really? Oxymoron is your measuring stick? Srsly??? Smh

      Oxymoron was mediocre.

    • MistahPopo

      “Momma said I ain’t acting like her son
      Cause I’m getting money Momma, you ain’t giving me none
      You can’t buy me them J’s that come out tomorrow
      So get used to the things that I’m doing for dollars
      You said: “Boy, you better watch your back
      Your pops in jail, remember that”
      Momma it get like that
      You said: “Don’t call me for no bail money”
      Thought I could call for anything, I thought you cared for me
      You said: “Keenon, keep that bitch out my house”
      I said I’m 18
      You said: “This your place?” Nah, this is Section 8
      Smacked me like bah, “you little disrespectful nigga”
      Like mmm… momma you lucky, lucky I can’t hit ya
      “You gon’ treat me like this? And you know I have seizures
      You know I take pain pills for headaches and fevers”
      Damn, now I’m feeling less than a man
      Cause you birth me and I was actin’ like I couldn’t understand
      I’m sorry momma…

      • MistahPopo

        If those bars came out of kendrick’s mout, in his weird ass alien voice in double time, you’d be singin a different tune nigga

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    The type of people that buy albums like this are the hip hop version of people that pay to see every Fast and Furious movie, even if they’re on the 20th sequel.

    Close to substance-less, repetitive content that is carried by the production and song features with whoever’s ‘hot’ right now. YG never really says much, same flow, verses about money, hoes, bloods/crips.

    I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll never see a F&F movie get close to an Oscar.

    Doesn’t help that Mustard, who already has a repetitive sound, produced the majority of the album.

    The best tracks are the singles. The rest are mediocre mixtape tracks. Obviously they pushed the album out on the (unexpected) success of My Nigga. And everyone tunes out until Drake’s verse on Who Do Ya Love.

    Dude is basically the pseudo-gangsta version of Tyga with slightly more credibility.

    • three

      you clearly didn’t listen to the album. your opinion matches mine completely going into this album but this album very impressive

      • Joe Dirt

        hardly impressive bro. step your standards up. it was a decent album.

        • three

          i listen to music to enjoy it. i don’t have a checklist of criteria i need to check off in order to like something.

    • XLRG

      you hit it right on the nail..

  • StudentOfTheGame

    I LIKE BOTH OXYMORON AND MY KRAZY LIFE. Both from different rappers and different styles which is a good thing cuz you dont want to hear the same thing from 2 different dudes from the same coast. if you dont like the albums then dont comment. its not for you. and that death row comment is on point.

  • biff tannen

    Haven’t heard the album. Not crazy about any of the singles tho. Plus DJ Mustard’s sound is getting boring to me. Ill check this album out.

    I’m willing to bet that “understanding” west coast hip hop has absolutely nothing to do with whether I “get” this album or not.

    ….but I could b wrong . We’ll see.

  • Donnie Genesis

    With this and Oxymoron out my stereo is always playing West Coast music right now which isn’t always the case. Can’t wait to hear Mustard’s CD later this summer.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    well it banged good enough for me to work out hard in the gym *pause*

  • hiphopanon

    album sounds more like norcal mob music than socal funk.

  • Chris Brown

    people always complaining smh… 2 albums are dope.


  • XLRG

    My Krazy Life is a glorified mixtape…yes the beats bang because of DJ Mustard but his sound is repetitive and YG is an average rapper at best..in 3 months nobody will be talkin about this album… put this up against Cilvia Demo and it’s not even close…

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Ironic because people was saying the same shit about that Cilvia Demo you love so much cuz. Many people thought it was an okay experience nothing to be hyped at all, so now you are stacking that with a pseudo G-funk rap album, its like apples and oranges LOL!

      You would not compare the Beatles to Nirvana would you? two different Genres of Hip-Hop music, not to mention two different style from they’re respective areas.

      • XLRG

        What are you talkin about ? From my standpoint I was talking about Hip Hop releases so far in 2014.. I’m hearing people saying MKL is a classic , it’s not.. that ‘s my opinion and I’m sure a whole lot of others would agree.. Cilvia Demo has soul I can feel , MKL is a bunch of club music that being portrayed as the next best thing.. even through this article..to me it ‘s all Hip Hop , I don’t divide it into hipster/gangsta/etc.. yes I would compare Nirvana with the Beatles , they are both rock… If you were feeling YG’s album thats cool but it gets no play around these parts…

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          Good for you however, that is not the case whether you agree or not. You may not like MKL, but it goes back to an era that got not only Snoop famous, but Dr. Dre as well. This is why so many people like it so much, it is going back to real gangsta rap roots with the G-funk synths and pseudo electronic production.

          To also add to that yes you must follow labels, it would be stupid not to. I would not listen to Nickelback and then put him in the same categories as The Ramones, Radiohead, Motley Crue or even harder acts in Rock music. People would look at you like you are nuts, the same applies to Hip-Hop.

          There are genres within the genre of Hip-Hop, same applies to Rock. This is new age G-funk rap and I liked it, It bought an old vibe back while bringing something new to the table with it, people do not like it fine.

          I bet they would dick ride a Dre album, also forgetting he was saying the same shit as this boy back in his day, so really there is nothing to hate here in all honesty.

  • biff tannen

    Just as I suspected, this album was alright at best. Beats were repetitive and listening to a full album of this guy rhyming was a challenge.

    How is this an essential part of “understanding” the west??? Is this the new sound of the westcoast??? Because I can list album after album of GREAT westcoast albums with a much different sound that have a much more definitive westcoast sound and feel..

    Idk….maybe im missing something….

    Id rather listen to the kid ink album over this.

  • GeloSoul

    the subject matter is the same because the shit is the same in the Los…. to paraphrase Lupe (ironic because it’s YG, yes) but He’s rapping bout the same shit, that’s because ain’t shit changed bitch. It applies, the same shit happens as it did when Snoop and Cube were saying it. A lot of people forget that Rap and Hip-Hop are very different. Rap is telling it how it is. Specifically in a place that many people don’t see, like the CPT. and so, this is an effective Rap album

    • biff tannen

      You lost all credibility when you said “rap and hip hop are very different”.

      Hip hop is a culture, rap is one of its pillars. Its 2014 people, this should be common knowledge by now. Smh

      • GeloSoul

        They’re still different, A rectangle and a square are different. Just because one thing falls under the category of another doesn’t make them the same. We arguing the same thing b. Also, when attacking such a small part of my argument doesn’t take away from it’s credibility.

        • biff tannen

          You can’t argue a point if you don’t even have a grasp on the terms you’re using to argue said point.

          Saying hip hop and rap are vastly different is like saying life and water are different. Shit makes no sense. Which is why your credibility is non existent.

  • James Stanford

    I’m 18 years old and from Compton myself and I must say. His album is soooooo #ASS. So this “music” is SUPPOSE to appeal to me and be relateable but i rather listen to some 90s/Early 00s Westcoast rap if this suppose to be my generations “Gangsta Rap”.Every song sound the same with the same beat DJ mustard made 10x already. He uses skits as fillers and doesn’t grasp you in “the story he is trying to tell”(if any). Skits are not new but you can tell if Kendrick never did them and had success with him. Chances are YG isn’t creative enough to put them on the album. His lyrical content is the same recycled shit we been hearing from dude. This isnt what West coast music as a whole sound like. We got too many great artist getting overlooked repping the side just because they dont make booty shaking music filled with pre school rhymes and beats that all sound the same. Its weak… But its gonna sell the ratchet thing is in…smmfh

  • fonzo517

    you shouldn’t have to be from a certain area to “understand” an album. if its good music it should speak for itself.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    What I have been telling dumb ass fake Hip-Hop fans forever, they think East Coast rap is everywhere in the fucking country. The album was a return to form of the past decades, when Dre and the boys of the Left coast was churning that sound out. It was G-funk rap in its purest form, with a new age sound I for one loved it and it is refreshing to hear that sound come along again brings much added diversity to Hip-Hop.

  • realtalk82

    I just wanna say this…Really Be, Meet The Flockers ,BPT, Do It To Yah, I just Wanna Party are sick records!!

  • leutrim

    My Krazy Life has good production, nice hooks and some hot guests, but YG is not a good rapper. If you take this entire album and just switch YG with, say, Dom Kennedy or Nipsey and you have something that could stand the test of time. YG is just really fucking forgettable on the whole. There is very little to distinguish him from a lot of other rappers.