Asher Roth Performs "Rasputin" In-Studio

Asher Roth made his way to Truth Studios to give a 2dope live in-studio performance of the Nottz-produced "Rasputin." Check it out up top and get ready for that RetroHash on April 22nd!

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  • wat

    This and Tangerine Girl are gonna be on the same album? Interesting. Big contrast.

    • Advance*

      I don't think this is from RetroHash. The whole album was produced by Blended Babies and this was produced by Nottz

      • wat

        Oh the whole album is produced by Blended Babies? Didn't know that. Thanks. Hopefully it's as dope as Pabst and Jazz.

  • DooleyLikesToParty

    "I've been shelved for over four years cause of Scooter Braun."
    As a long time Asher fan, thats a line I've been waiting to hear for a while.

    • Joe Grasse

      Yep, same

      • Mez D

        oh damn. They were close friends i believe when asher first got on

  • Danny

    If this is a Rawther preview then this EP will be nuts

  • fikkid

    Ash, don't hurt 'em.

  • Jack

    Merkin em with the Jaromir Jagr reference


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