• schuyler

    I realize Chance and Vic were there because it was in Chicago, but is there any chance they may be at the Atlanta show? Or is that getting my hopes up?

    • Norris Cole | #30

      definitely getting your hopes up. Chance has a show in Michigan this weekend

    • MarkyMark_MARK

      I went to the Chance in Atlanta and Gambino didnt show up ... but the Migos did .......

      guess appearances at shows have more to do with who's in town that night then anything else

      • Mez D

        I saw Chance in atl too he tweeted Big Boi to come through and big boi responded when and where and Chance didnt see it until the concert was over

  • Your Best Friend


    • Eye Know

      Who is this "Chane the Rapper"??????????

  • $nicka

    this was too dope

  • amber hines

    look at the title they spelled chance the rapper's name wrong.