When ?uestlove “Died” On ‘Law & Order’

blame it on Meka March 20, 2014

Remember when 2 Chainz was on an episode of SVU last year? Well, Questo – sort of – followed in Teta’s footsteps by making a cameo appearance last night in the show. Here’s a brief description of his role…

Neither Rollins nor Fin seems to recognize the body in the ME’s office.

Golden Globe-winning stuff, seriously. It still doesn’t touch the epic fuckery that was the Chris Brown Caleb Bryant episode, though.

  • PatrickBateman

    Lol Quest be so random but it fits. Still wish they would bring up Ice T past as a pimp just to be funny.

  • Mos Poetik

    Hahahaha was at the Fallon show today and they were clownin ?uest before the show started

  • fonzo517

    i guess he can say he’s been on the show now…