Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Cover Vogue

blame it on Illy March 21, 2014


Mr. and Mrs. West cover the upcoming April issue of Vogue Magazine and you can watch a behind-the-scenes video of the April cover shoot down below which also features a cameo from North West.

  • Deezuss


  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Well Vogue/Anna Wintour lost a lot of credibility with this cover.

    Two utter narcissists, no wonder they’re perfect for each other. At least one has talent though.

    • Ryuk918

      you’re so angry at two people who affect your life not one iota. Just breathe, man.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Salty Ass Hater

    • RϰϰςΨ

      I’ll co sign your first sentence.

    • Jo

      Not to mention that hashtag…

  • SleepyTheGreat

    This Is A Good Look. Especially In The Fashion World. 10 Years Will Ether Result In A Divorce/ Classic Album or The Most Powerful Couple in Fashion/ Decent Album.

  • .stillnotsoft.

    not a good look for kanye no one respects this woman outside of reality tv people and prostitutes i can think of 11 people of the top of my head who have dated her and god knows how many more there are

    • Wolf Of Yall St

      I’m sure Ye knows this and doesn’t give 2 fucks. He likes her so he fucks with her, regardless of her past and what people think. That’s a good look.

      • marty mcfly

        Its not a bad look but is it a good look? I dont know and thats cause with these two its alot of negative energy involved. Not from them (sometimes from Kanye though) but from the people tuning in to them. I get it, everything is about money so get it but alot of people pay attention to them just because they have something negative to say. Kanye has done alot of stuff that make people look at him as not just a genius but somebody who also is a dumbass sometimes and thats the same with Kim. I dont know if they wanna be like Jay and Beyonce or not but Jay and Beyonce would much rather not be all in the spotlight unless they have product coming out and thats cause at some point its just no need to put your personal life on front street anymore. The say all publicity is good publicity but I dont know if thats the case if the reason your getting that publicity is cause people love to talk shit about you based on some shit you’ve done in the past.

        • marty mcfly

          America loves to build up a celebrity and then rip them apart, then put them back together again and then rip them apart and Kanye and Kim must love being the human pinatas that get hung up all nicely decorated over everyones heads until its time to start beating them until they puncture multiple holes in their personal life.

  • Dave


    • Goldberg brain

      Who gives a fuck what ppl think tho

      • Dave

        Dude that was mean

  • Thank Me

    Couldn’t care less about their relationship. If she being there somehow helps Kanye make better music then that’s all that matters. The music

  • Adi Pre

    Yeezy stay winning Haaaaaaaaannnn.

  • Dat nigga

    Yeah, bcuz any of the niggaz here hatin, pull girls let alone have one of your own. And if you do, what’s they history like bruh ? Lol

    Kim gets shit cuz hers is publicized cuz she’s famous. Obviously kanye sees the good and trying to bring it out as much.

    And p.s. 808s and heartbreak, devil in a new dress, bound 2, all kim inspired music. Let the man live and stop hating. live your own lives.

    • TrueGem17

      They started dating in 2012. 808s and devil in a new dress weren’t inspired by Kim. Maybe Amber Rose or Alexis Phifer, but not Kim.

      • Dat nigga

        Kanye pursued kim since college dropout and been on n off since. Rebounded with Amber Rose, Kim got mad and got back by marrying. kris humphries, 808s n heartbreak and devil and a new dress, bound 2, kims workings.

        Lost in the world also was a poem he wrote for Kim, he turned into a track.

        • TrueGem17

          Ok…I wrote my post based on wikipedia info. But you seem to know this private stuff so good, it’s kinda scary.

          • Dat nigga

            I used the same. Wikipedia. They’re soulmates. Gemini/libra. Im a gemini and had a libra too. And once they made it official and dropped bound 2, lotta shit started making sense lol.

            Also a couple niggaz in his camp came out said he been chasing her since college dropout when she was Paris Hilton’s stylist. They shit was just on the low.

            I cover everything? Don’t be such a hater lol