• die ene

    Damn, this is not like wiz at all

  • AARON B.

    wiz wtf my nigga? u r just all around trash now

  • Jamaal Rooks

    Wow. This was horrible.

  • xastey

    What did I just listen to, he really doesn't care anymore just a shame.

  • Eternalist

    Remember when Wiz had his own lane and no one else sounded like him.

    2010 was a good year. Cabin Fever was the beginning of his end, lyrically

    • three

      thats when he used to record sober (or at least soberer lol) and he used to write

      • Eternalist

        His U.O.E.N.O verse gave me hope last year, but I haven't heard another verse that impressed me, for a solid 2 years now. If him, Big Sean and Spitta completed their mixtape, instead of just 5 songs, maybe he would've found motivation

  • thatrandomguy


  • Drew

    Chevy killed this..

  • Chris Brown

    yo dude..........


    ...I see crazy things in the air...