Wiz Khalifa – OG Bobby Johnson Freestyle f. Chevy Woods (Video)

Directed By David Camarena

This looks like this was shot during their times at SXSW. Anyways, the two Taylors deliver their version of Que's ubiquitous single.

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  • die ene

    Damn, this is not like wiz at all

  • AARON B.

    wiz wtf my nigga? u r just all around trash now

  • Jamaal Rooks

    Wow. This was horrible.

  • xastey

    What did I just listen to, he really doesn't care anymore just a shame.

  • Eternalist

    Remember when Wiz had his own lane and no one else sounded like him.

    2010 was a good year. Cabin Fever was the beginning of his end, lyrically

    • three

      thats when he used to record sober (or at least soberer lol) and he used to write

      • Eternalist

        His U.O.E.N.O verse gave me hope last year, but I haven't heard another verse that impressed me, for a solid 2 years now. If him, Big Sean and Spitta completed their mixtape, instead of just 5 songs, maybe he would've found motivation

  • thatrandomguy


  • Drew

    Chevy killed this..

  • Chris Brown

    yo dude..........


    ...I see crazy things in the air...


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