YG Freestyle On Funk Flex, Disses Problem & Tyga in the Process

blame it on Shake March 21, 2014

While we were out in Austin for SXSW, we heard quite a few rumors of West Coasters Problem and YG having issues. Now it seems like the beef is real as YG let loose a few shots during his recent time on Funk Flex’s show on Hot97. In between promoting his new album My Krazy Life (which is dope as hell) and vibing out to Snoop and Xzibit’s “B*tch Please,” the Bompton representative decides to take a few shots at Problem and Tyga. No names were mentioned, but the addition of the ad-libs makes it all crystal clear.

  • wat

    Wow, I wasn’t aware the issue existed

    • maus

      Right? No wonder I never hear collaborations between ’em. I don’t think YG should hate on Problem, though. Problem is like ten years older, lol. He’s been in the game for a minute, even though he just recently started blowin’ up. YG is young, though, so he’s gonna be a lil’ more emotional about people “takin’ his sound” and yada yada. Everyone emulates a sound – shit, 2 Chainz flow was used by Pimp C in his first album.

      • Dave

        He collaborated with tyga before on bitches ain shit. He had beef with Problem for aminute.i seen a interview way back where he shitted on Problem. And him being a Crip from the same neighborhood makes it worse.

      • wat

        YG’s sound?! Isn’t that the entire Bay’s sound?

        • Ace

          this. even “toot it & boot it” sounds just like some Bay shit. & HBK (iamSu, Sage the Gemini, etc.) called out DJ mustard in fader recently.

  • factsonly

    I liked this freestyle but idk where the diss came from lol

    • Tony Vichai

      YG thinks Problem stole his sound. 2014 everyone sound like everyone. as for beef w/ tyga..i dont even know where that came from. But wierd that My nigga remix had young money but not west coast affiliated tyga.

      • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

        he mad rack city blew up b4 him, possibly while he was in prison?

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    This nigga really rhymed with “BY THE WAY” 15 times….

    Mustard sat there head bobbing in a trance, probably thinkin bout donuts and royalty checks lol

    • Dave

      yup, and the shit didn’t even make sense, he was just saying “by the way” at the end of a bar

      • factsonly

        that freestyle def made sense lol u mustve not been listenin

    • three

      you clearly didn’t hear the words that were rhyming before he says by the way. its like when juvie says “ha” after his bars

  • Stevie Janowski

    I like how he threw in that diss

  • Man that album is soo average… niggas need to stop.

    • OB

      its gangsta rap. its suppose to be average.

      • Ace

        naw. It’s supposed to blow shit out of the water

    • factsonly

      it was better than the Q album. yall just hating cuz its mainstream. Remember Snoop first album? the nigga was not lyrical but it westcoast and it was gangster, how is this any different. He giving u real music that he actually lived at least aint that what asked for?

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        Don’t say that, because then Dre and Snoop stans will realize they know little about West Coast G-Funk Rap.

  • Prince Akeem

    im guessing the song that verse is from is called by the way?

  • wikig1itch

    Problem > YG

    • Dave

      You straight buggin on that. Problem struggles to make good records. He only shines on features with iamsu, e40 etc. Nigga only got one hit song and he still juices it by saying “like what” on every song

      • wikig1itch

        Fair enough thats your opinion and I respect that, but in all honesty that new YG album was average as fuck tho, but his mixtapes ain’t too bad (I especially liked Just Re’d Up 2). Personally I’ve enjoyed more of Problem’s material overall, Welcome To Mollywood 1 & 2 were bangers and the collabo project with iamsu Million Dollar Afro was on point. See I enjoy both artist to an extent, but Problem is just that much better to me personally (also he’s WAAAY better lyrically).

        And “like what” is basically his new adlib, every rapper has one like Rick Ross’ “AUHH”, Smoke DZA’s “Roiiiight” to Jadakiss’ classic laugh. You can’t hate on the dude for something every rapper is doing.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      What, What whaa whaa nigga Whaaaaaaaaaaa!?> All he ever said on a track

  • Y-Rap

    I fucked up and watched this after hearing the Los freestyle. Fuck rappers.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    That album was weak, doesn’t even come close to Pinata. Plus every other song has the same fucking “hey” sample lol

    • Dave

      And how much people talking about pinata or Freddie Gibbs in general?

      • wat


    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Why would you compare a Pseudo street lyrical rapper, to a young wannabe G-funk Rapper? They have two different styles. One is obviously for the vibing and he’s young, another is a seasoned word smith who leans more on Backpack rap than gangsta rap.

  • madxvillainy

    anybody who diss Tyga is good in my books

  • leutrim

    DJ Mustard been eatin fam…..literally

  • Guest

    where was the dis?

    • Chris Brown

      AAAAAAAAG and the LIKE WHAAAAAAT are tyga and problem adlibs

  • $nicka

    the ty dolla sign joint is dope though

  • Chris Brown

    I think that the last proof for YG to believe problem is stealing his sound, is the PROBLEM x ERIC BELLINGER song with that sample, kinda TOOT IT AND BOOT IT feel…bcuz the rest from is pure diamond lane, heart break gang style…

    tyga is the real bitch in this case.. but what about that?:

    YG Tyga & Nipsey Hussle “Bitches AInt Shit”

    Tyga Throw It Up prod by DJ Mustard in 2013…
    RACK CITY………..

    uh…your partna dj mustard is a bitch or nah? lmao

  • North

    Fuck the words he saying, I’m feelin’ that flow

  • hong

    yg > ( problem + tyga )^2

  • Prince Akeem
    • Samy Merabet


  • Lodidodida

    AIn’t nobody stole “his” sound, his homie just has been whoring beats.

  • MusicHead

    why da fuck yall hatin on yg this dude is dope jus cuz he aint lyrical doesn’t mean he dont make good music yall got ur priorities fucked up and yea he said “by the way” mad times but it was still hot quit hatin!!!!!



  • YG

    fuCK em all by the way. Sage you a bitch too!

  • thatcustommadehiphop

    toot it and boot it was easily one of the worst songs in hip hop history…..wasnt this cornball wearing butthugger jeans and jerking!!!smh his raps are garbage!!smh