Listen To The “Full” Version Of Rick Ross, Kanye West & Big Sean’s “Sanctified”

blame it on Meka March 22, 2014

I’ve been actually meaning to do this for a while, but I didn’t have the time to do so until now.

Shortly after Big Sean released his verse from “Sanctified” that was ultimately removed from the album, some of my friends wanted a version of the song with all three verses intact. So, late last night I got bored and spent some time “fitting” Sean’s verse into the retail version of the cut, and here is the end result.

Rick Ross’ Mastermind is in stores and online now.

  • Luke Foord

    Was genuinely going to do this myself this sunday haha. Great work!

  • Wonderful! Thanks for this.

    But, err, am I the only one who finds Rick Ross’s verse boring, especially coming after Kanye’s energetic verse and now Big Sean’s?

    • drunkbear

      Rick Ross rapped about a girl making him grilled cheese sandwiches… That made me laugh.

  • Goldberg brain

    I never understood why Big Sean was even featured on this song until now! Theres’s no point to even have him on here without this verse

    BTW this verse is mad dope! it was stupid of them to take it off smh

  • drunkbear

    Meka where can I download your version haha

  • JustaDude

    Cool!! Thumbs up!
    First time I heard big Sean on the track. Well done.

  • leutrim

    Ummmmmmmmmm can we get a copy?



  • YouuuuMaaadd

    Ive been hoping to come across this…I need to downlod this version

  • Michael Hall

    yo can we get this please?

  • .stillnotsoft.

    officer ricky is nothing without dope features and beats

    • factsonly


    • Luke Foord

      But because he gets both he has great albums

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      The best songs on this album are the ones without features though, I can tell you did not listen to BLK and WHT LOL!

      • AlexFirth91

        BLK & WHT is HARD!

  • Billy Kincaid

    I don’t understand why this verse was left off in the first place. Sean Don been killing it recently.

    • Saugdenstock

      and that’s exactly why – Ricky cannot have 2 features on one song that absolutely murder him

    • his verse was the worst

  • JΔFΔ

    Meka! Where is the link to download this?? We can’t even download this version with the “Buy Now” link..

  • Ethos

    This is one of Sean’s best verses I have heard in a long time. Why did he get left off? Ether. That’s why.

  • Luke Foord

    I made a 320kbps mp3 version with all the correct tags. Labelled it as ‘Big Sean Feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross’ as it seemed more appropriate. Also faded the song out properly so it doesn’t end suddenly.

    Check it here:

    If you want me to take it down Meka I will comply.

  • Richardgudnitz

    Meka luh da kids…

  • Big Dave

    nice Tunes but what message are You trying to send not hating at all but Music always have meaning form of Message

  • Andy Devries

    check out this sick trap remix of the song