Chris Brown - Loyal f. Lil Wayne & Tyga (Video)

Breezy lights up the Universal CityWalk in his music video for "Loyal" alongside Lil Wayne and Tyga, with cameos from Usher and Ty Dolla $ign. Chris Brown's upcoming album, X, arrives later this year, and features guest spots from Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and a duet with Adriana Grande.

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  • Shapey

    I thought frenchie was on this?

    • Dave


    • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

      There is like 3 versions to this song. The East Coast w/ Montana the West Coast w/ Too Short and the remix with Tyga. All 3 are hot though

  • Richardgudnitz


  • Goldberg brain

    Every single this guy has been putting out lately has been dope as hell, from fine china, love more, and now this

    Excited for "X"

  • What in the hell is today's obsession with making men in the media look feminine? Who would want to wear anything that even resembles a skirt?

    • Deezuss

      I thought that was a shirt tied round the waist

      • Oh, it is. However, it still resembles a skirt and, in my opinion, straight men shouldn't be wearing things that even do that, especially if they're watched constantly and are role models to some people.

        • Senor Spacely

          in my opinion straight men shouldn't worry bout what other straight men are wearing.

        • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

          People been doing the shirt tied around waist for a while. I was doing it as a kid if i didn't wanna carry my coat

        • Rodney Mcclinton

          Who Gives A Fuck?

    • Shapey

      um when Arnold did it it was cool tho... nobody said shit


    tyga even wayne came correct

  • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

    This album is about to be fire! Every song I heard is a banger, always like to see Chris win

  • Obasi Esther

    Can't seem to take it off replay... The video really gets me 2. Damn his swag is effortless n super sexy.