• wat


    • Mac Dre

      What was Thugger's verse...? He's like Lil B without any of the irony involved in the BasedGod's music...

  • Sagitarriutt Jefferspin

    did they sample what the fox say?

  • Mac Dre

    I love how everyone is using the DONDA style single covers -_- Also, I wouldn't be surprised if this was recorded awhile ago. I don't think Flocka is looking to be cool with Gucci again after the big fallout haha


      yea i think this was recorded prior to them falling out, cus flock ain't rapped like this in a long while

    • wat

      Pretty lame that they're still biting that single cover style.

      And it's pretty strange Gucci would release this track with Waka's vocals still on it,

  • Gras Aap

    Fuck this shit, Im waiting on the thugger & Rich Home mixtape!

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  • Nate Brown

    Anybody else noticing Gucci's recycled bars?

  • Sam N

    How Waka the one who bodied this....relatively?