Jay Electronica, JAY Z & Drake – We Made It

blame it on Shake March 24, 2014

Over the weekend, Jay Electronica and JAY Z shut the internet down for a bit after releasing their take on Soulja Boy Drake’s “We Made It” instrumental. Now, thanks to DJ Smu, you can hear both versions mixed together. Because, why not?

  • boom shakka lakka

    Yo fam. How we get this blend but not a blend of Kanye and TI’s Drunk In Love. If Jay can be mixed with The Beatles and Big can be mixed with Frank Sinatra, we can get this.

  • Yongjefferson

    jay elec just keeps gettin on tracks that go at drake, can he catch a break tho lol

  • LaFlame

    Pretty disrespectful crediting this to Drake…

  • that transition from jay elec to drake is TURRIBLE…

    • If we are calling “transition” to this shit I’m done.

  • leutrim


  • Prince Akeem

    why would someone even do this. it makes zero sense. people are weird

    • DIesel

      It’s not like Drake’s the (second) most popular rapper right now or anything

      • Prince Akeem

        nah youre missing the point. why would you add the person getting dissed to the diss song. it would be like adding jim jones’ original we fly high verse to jay z’s diss version like its some kind of collab. it doesnt make sense. at all

        • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

          its not entirely a diss just a cheeky jab

  • biff tannen

    This was extremely unnecessary.

  • Smu apparently sucks ass. Jay all off beat & shit. NAH.

  • I wonder will Drake respond back to Jay for calling him Miss Drezzy-

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  • Rodney Mcclinton

    l0l who mixed this? i thought this was a diss to drake? lmao dafaq 0.o

  • OE

    wow this doesnt make any sense why would someone make a fucking diss song remix with drakes faggot verse? really this was a waste of time lmfao fuck drake!!!